Happy Friday

It’s Friday! Woohoo!

It’s been a very, very long and stressful week and we’re so happy that it’s finally Friday. This weekend we’re going to be a total sloth and just stay by the pool do nothing and we can’t wait.

What have you got planned for the weekend?

September is going to be a very exciting month for the Mid Night Visitor with new family stories, recipes, beauty and fashion ideas coming up. Please do drop by for the weekly ‘Mid Night Visitor’s Quiz’ next week. You will see one later today. Every week, on a random day, we will post one story with a quiz in it. Please send us your replies and we will publish the answer to the quiz every Monday.

Happy Friday to all the beautiful readers out there. We love you.

To begin your weekend with some fun, we have asked around our friends and also checked the dictionary to find how to say Happy Friday in different languages. Have you spotted your own language here? Are they actually correct? Do drop us a line  by leaving us a comment if you spotted a mistake or want to share your language with our family. Why not ask your friends around and see how many languages you end up with.

Wish you all a wonderful Friday!

  • Happy Friday in Arabic is الجمعةسعيدة !
  • Happy Friday in Chinese is 快乐星期五!
  • Happy Friday in French is un joyeux vendredi !
  • Happy Friday in German is glücklicher freitag !
  • Happy Friday in Indonesian is senang jumat !
  • Happy Friday in Italian is Venerdì felice !
  • Happy Friday in Korean is 행복한금요일!
  • Happy Friday in Japanese is 良い金曜日をしてね (iikinyoubi wo shitene)
  • Happy Friday in Spanish is ¡Feliz Viernes or que tengas un buen viernes
  • Happy Friday in Swedish is Glad fredag !


We say it all the time, but are you curious to know what Happy Friday really means? We searched the web and found below:

  1. a happy greeting to fellow co-workers on Fridays because it is the end of the work week.
  • Co-worker A – Happy Friday! imma get wasted tonight!
  • Co-worker B – Happy Friday! i waited forever for this day to come.
  1. Code phase used as a greeting in business to mean
    not happy with the situation or curses.
  • “Sure boss, I’ll work the weekend. Happy Friday!”

We are also curious to know if there is an origin to the phrase Happy Friday. If you know a story or two do share with us by sending us a message via the leave a comment sign. We love you all and enjoy your weekend.


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