Time to Reveal


Which Subject Is This Homework For

Ok, we know, it is Monday and you have been waiting, wanting to know…..

Yes, it is time to review the answer to our last week’s quiz: which subject is this homework for?

Have you guessed it?

The answer is …..…  Mathematics!!!

M­­mmmm, Mrs D never got that one right.

How can it be Mathematics, You might ask? Well, if you zoom into the drawing, you can easily see some numbers and percentages on it. That kind of gives it away, doesn’t it? And if we let you know how much work Miss D had put into to get these numbers, you might gasp.

It turns out that Miss D is learning about areas, shapes, ratios, and proportions at school, one of the weaklings of Mrs D when she was younger. However, being the awesome Miss D, who is pretty good at math, she spent more than 6 loooonnnnng hours to do it all:

  • complete 5 surveys
  • put all the feedback for the survey into spreadsheets
  • calculate the numbers
  • converting them into areas and percentages

etc, etc, etc …

We won’t bore you with more details, but you get the picture.

Miss D actually got frustrated at one stage herself, but carried on merrily after some Chocolate hits. (of course, she spend her 6 hours over a few days time, not in one hit, hehehe…) She is very satisfied with her end result. We hope you like it too. After all Miss D proved Mathematics can be colourful as well.

To have a look at the final presentation of Miss D’s work on this assignment, you can watch the video here. Enjoy.

Warning: although this video is made with the biggest effort of Miss D to make it colourful and interesting, it is still kind of boring IMHO, unless of course, you are

  • keen to learn about areas and percentages or plan to do so soon
  • having a similar assignment coming up soon…

To watch more interesting video of Miss D’s. Click here.


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