Midnight Visitor


Midnight visitor

Well this is the title of our homepage. If you have known us from the beginning of our story, you would know that Midnight Visitor is the first published article of Miss D’s. Miss D wrote this story last year and entered a contest with it. Out of hundreds of entries, hers has been picked as one of the winners.

So EXCITING for a 11 year old.

Actually, she has not only one, but TWO articles been picked as winners. That REALLY doubles the excitement .Check out her other winning entry ‘Green Alien’ here.

Although Mrs D considered herself as quiet a writer in the family, her writing had only been published on a local newspaper when she was 13 years old. So a big leap for young and talented Miss D. Two years is indeed a giant step.

♥ We Love You. Honey ♥

So instead of mumbling more about how excited we are, please proceed to read the article itself. As people always say the proof is in the reading.

Please let us know if you like this article by sending us a comment. And you can also check out Miss D’s other winning entry The Green Alien. We will post it next week.

BTW if you really enjoy reading the articles, you can actually purchase a copy of ‘King of The Trees – Young Writers Award 2012’ from amazon.com. There you can find Miss D’s articles.


Book Description

Publication Date: May 31, 2012
Writers from the Middle School years often have a unique view of the world. In this collection of outstanding writing pieces, selected from hundreds of submissions, the future writers of tomorrow exercise their literary muscles. Viewed one at a time, each piece is a mark of creativity, expression, and individuality. Collectively, these poems, essays, stories, and random thoughts about things, reveal what it means to be a middle-schooler. The Young Writers Awards http://inside.isb.ac.th/youngwriters

Midnight Visitor

 ‘The time has come… The time for imagination to take over reality… It is the time for our power to be unleashed…!’ cackled an old gypsy’s voice, disturbing my lovely dreams.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Somewhere outside I heard deafening claps of thunder, but was it just someone at the door? I sleepily rubbed my eyes as I lazily stretched in my bed. Why would someone disturb me so late at night? I shrugged. I stumbled down the corridor towards the front entrance as thoughts raced through my head. What had that dream been all about? There was no way imagination could take over reality. ‘Don’t listen to that nonsense!’ I whispered to myself. Anyway, who was at my front door? Curiously, I peeked out of the window for a small glance of the midnight visitor.

My door creaked open, like a door of a haunted house. ‘Hmmm…, I need to oil that door,’ I thought, but in my mind I was thinking about the ‘imagination’ overpowering ‘reality’.

A towering figure stood at my door. I creased my eyebrows together as I studied the man’s rough features. He clutched his left leg, as if in pain, with a heavily scarred hand. Loops of skull necklaces hung down his tattooed neck. A heavy cloak hung on his shoulders and his feet were laden with dusty worker’s boots. He was also accompanied with a German Shepard which stood loyally by his side and barked ferociously when anyone came near his master. My legs instantly turned into jelly as I gulped down a mouthful of bitter bile. This was not turning out to be the pleasant night I wanted.

Impatiently the man strode into my house. He glanced at my neatly set pot plants, my clothe hanger, my comfortable sofas and finally at my kitchen. With a flick of his wrist, his weathered cloak hung perfectly on the clothe hanger. He then began to stare eye to eye at me with his large, bulging, rather dark eyes, while his forehead gradually scrunched up into a hideous frown. Disgusted with me, he picked out my favourite sofa and made himself homely. Then he clicked his fingers and stuck his thumb in the direction of the kitchen. In a few seconds, I was baking delicious chocolate chip cookies and squeezing the juice of oranges.

I had been never so scared in my entire life! If the man and the dog were from my imagination, then imagination was already starting to rule reality! I madly hoped that this was a dream, so I squeezed my eyes shut, wishing, wishing, wishing. When I opened my eyes, I was still in the kitchen, halfway squeezing an orange. I sighed, this was going to be a long, long night.

As I tiptoed my way back to my living room, which was rudely intruded by the man and the dog, I really wanted the mysterious man and dog to vanish, disappear, just go away from my life. Upon entering my living room, I gasped in shock. The cookies and orange juice thudded onto my prized carpet as my jaw literally hit rock bottom. The man and the dog had just seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth. Did my wish really come true, or was it the gypsy’s warning, ‘The time for imagination to take over reality…’.



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