Happy Friday

What is this – Indah asks?

This week has just flown by hasn’t it? We hope you have a lovely weekend planned.

We haven’t run our weekly ‘Mid Night Visitor’s Quiz’ this week as yet, so here’s one for you. Have fun!

We were feeding our turtle Indah (Indah means beautify in Indonesia BTW) the other day, and we noticed something quite peculiar and have to take a picture of it.

This is Indah in her feeding tub. Have you noticed that there are some bits here and there inside the tub?  Do you know what they are?

Please send us your answer via email or comment. The answer will be revealed next Monday.

Indah is quite messy when she eats, so we always feed her in a separate plastic tub. We got a nice sturdy KFC family bucket which we reused as Indah’s feeding place. It suits her size perfectly up till now and she is happy eating there.

Feeding Indah in a separate tub, half filled with water, does not create any undue stress (unless she is NOT held properly!!). In fact, she knows when it is her time to eat and stretches her neck out of the water looking for us when the time has come. She looks so CUTE when she does this. Separate feeding will prevent broken up food particles from remaining in the tank and fouling up the water she lives in.

When we first got Indah a while ago, we do not know how much we should feed her. We asked around our friends (seems turtles are quite a popular pet in Indonesia, and a few of our friends keep turtles as well.). A rule of thumb is to feed Indah as much food as would fit in her head and neck. Another way is to feed her as much as she will eat in a few minutes.

We learned quite a few tricks overtime about Indah. The most important one is:

Do not overfeed the turtle.

Why? You might ask. Well, like humans, obesity is one of the most common problems facing pet turtles. Remember, overfed turtles can become obese as easily as people, and face similar problems too!

How does this happen? Quite obviously, obesity is caused by too much (and too fatty) food, and too little exercise. This is exactly what Indah is, she eats and she sleeps, most of the time anyway.

To avoid Indah gets fat, we have this little game played at feeding time called ‘Run, Indah, Run’. What we do (mostly Miss D does this) is dangling Indah’s food right in front of her mouth using forceps, and make Indah run after it before giving it to her. It is quite a funny scene to watch. We have lots of giggles over this day after day.

Hope you have a lovely weekend with your loved ones. We love you and see you next week.


4 responses to “Happy Friday

  1. Looks like food to me! =)

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