Time to Reveal

What is this – Indah asks?

Hello, welcome back.

How’s your weekend? We hope you are fully recharged and have a fun and productive week ahead.

To kick off this week, we will start with ‘Time to Reveal’.

If you need to refresh your memory, please check out last week’s quiz here: ‘What is this – Indah asks?’

Well, the photo above gives you the answer:

Items 1 and 2 are Turtle food for Indah.

Item 3 is actually something totally different.

It is Indah’s POO!!

Yuck! Look at them, they look almost identical!

The only difference is that the food is floating on top of the water, and the turtle poo is sinking at the bottom. Would a turtle eat the food? Well, you get the answer from Indah.

As soon as we got Indah, we rush to the pet shop to buy some turtle food for her. Lucky or not, the ONLY turtle food we can find is this:

The first time we fed Indah this turtle food, she didn’t like it at all. Not even one bit!

We feed her chicken, she likes it.

We feed her fish, she likes it.

We feed her any kind of meat. No problem.

She is a good eater and she eats them all in a few minutes.

But alas, with the TURTLE FOOD which a TURTLE should happily eat, we never have any success.

Indah refuse to eat it. Not even one baby bit. She would rather nibble on the rocks inside her aquarium, or go hungry without food for a long time. She never even bothers to touch it.

She hates it, we think.

We wonder why.

And now we have the answer: this food looks like POO! Being a sensible turtle Indah is, it is very reasonable for her NOT to eat it. Hahahaa….

So what do we do with the full bottle that we bought for Indah and she never eats? Well, we found a solution.

Our cat LOVES it.

We shake the turtle food bottle, and our cat Rani will rush to us and sit down begging for that food. She actually enjoys the turtle food as a treat.

Umm, interesting.

Do you have any pets? Is there any fun story you want to share with us?


5 responses to “Time to Reveal

  1. Haha..that’s so cute. I have a kitten and a big maine coon who love to eat each other’s food. The tiny kitten will not stay out of the Maine Coon’s food but it’s too big for her to crunch so he breaks them in chunks for her. Her food is so tiny he eats the whole bowl in two mouth fulls and then cries because he’s still hungry. lol.

    Your turtle is cute….smart too. I’d not want to eat anything that looked like poo.

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