What are you wearing today?

I feel  glamorous today

Hello, dear readers, how are you this morning?

It is a bright, sunny day here in Jakarta today. Hope you have a lovely day in your city, too.

Mr D was away on a business trip to New Delhi the other day, and this coincided with Miss D’s school field trip.

Lonely nights? No way, not for Mrs D.

She is actually quite excited about it! She could watch whatever she wanted on the TV, she could eat whatever she wanted for dinner, and she had the whole bed to herself which meant more room and no quilt tug-a-wars.

That morning Mrs D was thinking about how to use this newly found freedom, and totally indulge herself. You see, deep down inside that soft corner of Mrs D, in her wildest dream, the meaning of life is to be as glamorous as humanly possible, at least once in a while.

The Lust Look

The ultimate glamor girl has to be Marilyn Monroe. She was so beautiful. Not to mention absolutely sensational. No one will ever have the golden curly locks and voluptuous body like hers. Her impeccable style is every man’s dream. She is a style icon that has stood the test of time. She remains one of the biggest sex symbols of all-time.

Keep it real

Mrs D is no Monroe, not one bit. But that doesn’t mean she cannot surround herself with little luxuries and feel like a fancy lady once in a while.

Why not make our world a little bit more beautiful and fun when opportunities present themselves?

So on that day, Mrs D wore her favorite dress, experimented with her make ups, went out for a fancy lunch, and at night soaked up in the bathtub with her favorite music and candles.

It was a lovely day.

Let’s be glamorous today. Why not wear that bold lipstick you always dreamed of but never tried? Why not dress like a Goddess and walk around as if you are on the T way? Drink a martini, or even better have someone buy you that drink. Have manners, be classy. Be that woman you always want to be.

One day at a time.


3 responses to “What are you wearing today?

  1. I love you inspirational attitude!

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