Man and Fashion

Well, ‘Man and Fashion’, is there such a thing?

We went weekend shopping with Mr D.

We were looking for Mr D’s new pants.

You know, the normal kind he can wear to work. The one his got is old, so he needs some new pants.

Simple, right?

So off we went and landed in the Men’s department.

Look at them, the pants army staring at us.

Bays of blaaacks.

Bays of greeeeeys.

Bays of bluuuues.

Bays of beeeeeiges.

They were all the same, yet all different in some subtle way.

What to pick? Do you know?

Miss D got very, very bored and Mrs D finally realised why man didn’t  like shopping.

It’s soooooooo boring.


We had to go to Star Bucks to cheer ourselves up. Three coffees down (Miss D’s was an ice chocolate) and we were happy again.

No more shopping for Mr D, not in a long while, we HOPE.

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4 responses to “Man and Fashion

  1. shopping’s only fun when you have sh**loads of income at your disposal 😛 LOL

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