Time To Reveal

What is this?

Hi, dear readers, welcome back.

Can you believe it? This is the last week of September. Autumn is here, and Christmas is only 13 weeks away! It is a good time to plan weddings, and that is the topic for today.

Last week, we show you a picture of a tall, yellow, pole-like item in MidNightVisitor’s Quiz.

What is it?Penjor

When we drive around Jakarta, we see it so often that we had to know. Our driver told us it is Penjor and it’s for Wedding. Meaning the house with the Penjor in front has a newly weds living there. A very public way of saying ‘Just Married’!

Actually Penjor has its Hindo religious root and was first used as an offering to thank God for the fruits of the Earth. To read more about its origin, check here.

Nowadays, Penjor is not only featured at religious ceremony and weddings, it is also used in art performances, hotels, and at any occasion where there are guests of honor.

In fact, other than Penjor, there are also many different religious flowery decorations in Indonesia. Flower is part of Indonesia religion and culture.

(Flower used for pray)

(Celebrate opening of a company)

7 responses to “Time To Reveal

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  2. Beautiful photos, looks almost edible or is food?

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