MidNightVisitor Quiz

How much is this in Jakarta?

Ok, my beautiful readers, are you ready?

Here is this week’s MidNightVisitor’s Quiz:

We found these onions in the fresh food department in Lotte Mart in Gandaria City, South Jakarta. It is a nice, new supermarket and we really enjoy shopping there every now and then.

Miss D first spotted the big onion in the fresh food department in Lotte Mart. It was so big that it caught her attention. She checked the price randomly and was quite shocked.

It is an ordinary onion,  quiet big, about 11cm in diameter. We had a look, it is one expensive onion.

Then we looked around the other onions in the same area, and we found four smaller onion packed in a bag, each about 7cm in diameter. They are quite expensive, too.

And to make our question more interesting, this is what we (our Maid to be exact) bought this morning from the vegetableman.

She made this into a yummy Gado Gado (an Indonesia salad). Stay tuned for our recipe soon.

  1. 3 bunches of leafy veggie
  2. ¼ cabbage
  3. 1 tofu
  4. 1 tempet (a special Indonesia soy bean cake)
  5. 1 bundle snake beans
  6. 1 palm sugar

So the MidNightVisitor’s Quiz today is:

  1. How much is the big onion?
  2. How much are the smaller onions?
  3. How much are the veggies we bought from the vegetable man?

Actually, we are also curious to know how much an onion cost in your city. Send us an email or leave us a comment. Have a lovely day and see you soon. Please come back next Monday for Time to Reveal.


4 responses to “MidNightVisitor Quiz

  1. 1 kilo of small onions in North Queensland, Australia – $1.99
    1 large onion in North Queensland, Australia – $0.45
    We would pay about $55 for the veggies.
    No idea what the currency conversions would be?

    • Hi, Shee, the currency rate is 1 AUD = 9925 IDR (Indonesia Rupiah). It’s crazy here as the money has so many zeros. Takes us a while just to get use to it. Glad to know the price of an onion in Queensland. Help us to put things into perspective.

      Please come back for Time to Reveal next Monday.

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