What Are You Wearing Today?

Princess in Asia Pacific

Prince William and his wife Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, have visited Queensland, Australian last week. Spending two hours in Brisbane, a city we have being to for many times when we were in Sydney.

Queensland is such a nice place for holidays. Over the years, we have driven around many places in the Gold Coast, the Sunshine coast and Queensland in general. We can’t wait to go back and enjoy the stunning sea and the luscious hinterland. It is unlike anywhere else in the world.  It is Paradise for us, and a really nice place to be.

Life down under is where life begins for us.

Back to our topic, according to media, Prince William and Princess Cat both wore Batiks on an evening reception in the Solomon Islands on this Asia Pacific tour.

Batik is an unique Indonesia cloth and is very popular in Indonesia and other parts of South East Asia.

Ever since we are in Jakarta, we have seen batiks everywhere. They are part of Indonesia’s daily life.

In Sydney, we have casual Fridays where everyone gets to dress in non business clothes. Here in Jakarta, it is Batik Friday. Many office workers wear Batik clothes to work that day.

The Lust Look

Princess Cat worn a floral, exuberant batik dress in this picture. She looks casual yet glamorous and really happy.

Prince William worn a blue cheery batik shirt. He looks radiant and delightful with a grin on his face.

A perfect ensemble for a tropical night in the Solomons.

Keeping It Real

Below are a few batik items that in our house.

                  (Casual batik shirt for Mrs D, photo by Miss D)

Hand painted Wayang in Batik dress made by Miss D. Photo by Miss D.

Miss D in school band. All kids are dressed up in batik shirt as a formal uniform.


6 responses to “What Are You Wearing Today?

  1. We have a few items at home that are made of batik… a handbag, tableclothes, a bedspread, and a housedress.

  2. Waaaaay back when I was a little girl, in the 1960s (!) my aunt and uncle visited my family from a far far country where they’d lived for my uncle’s oil company. They brought each of my family members a batik shirt – a material we’d NEVER seen before in New Jersey, and I remember wearing that shirt until I grew out of it. Love the designs, patterns, colors, happiness of batik. :+)

    • Hi, it’s a small world. Guess what, we know many oil company expats in Jakarta. It is such a good business to be in at the moment! We love batik, it is very similar to Australian’s aboriginal art. Glad to know you love your batik shirt.

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