Time To Reveal

veggie seller in Jakarta, veggetable man

How much is this in Jakarta

Hi, Selamat Pagi. Good Morning from Jakarta, the Big Durian.

How are you today? Can’t believe October is upon us so soon. Christmas holiday is just around the corner.

Just let you know that we have booked our air tickets to Shanghai, China last week for the Christmas holidays. How exciting! Miss D has never seen snow falls in her entire life during Christmas (yes, we have Santa wearing shorts as it is summer down under in December). We are hoping for a white Christmas in Shanghai. Hurray!!

How about you? Have you bought that plane ticket yet? Hurry, time is running out. 😀

Last week, we have asked for the prices for 3 items in MidNightVisitor’s Quiz.

What is your answer? We are dying to tell you the truth. And here they are:

Now, how about the price of the veggies from our local vegetable man? It is RP17,000 (1 USD = RP9,500). We also got a nice hand-written receipt with all details and individual prices for the 10 items we bought. (Yes, 10 items, not 8. We forgot about the handful of peanuts, and a few local tiny melons.)

So, what do you think?

We were pretty shocked by those prices. Amazing what the differences are!

To end this post, have a look at yet one more price we found in the supermarket here. What is the price for a bottle of Oz Tomato sauce, a small bottle of 500g?

fountain tomato sauce, price tomato sauce

RP 63,890! That’s about USD 6.80 for one bottle of 500g Fountain tomato sauce from Australia. We’ll stick to the Indonesia local brands for now.

Happy reading, and enjoy your tomato sauce while you can!


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