31 Days In Jakarta Day 3

King of the Trees

Green Alien

the first published poem of Miss D

We promised to publish Miss D’s winning poem ‘Green Alien’ a while ago. Miss D wrote this poem as an English assignment back in Sydney. Last year, when we arrived in Jakarta, she entered this poem in a Young Writers competition and won the Young Writers Awards this year.

The book that includes her articles is named ‘King of the Trees and other poems,  stories & thoughts from the middle‘.

Jakarta is the first city for Miss D to have her articles published. We love this city just for that!

So here we present you the Green Alien:

Green Alien

Under my bed, I find two eyes,

One black, one blue, like the skies,

I feel so afraid, what can it be,

I peek down once more, just to see.

A green body and fuzzy hair,

Two arms, two legs and its feet bare,

It is small, with a roundish head,

So I name it, Round Ted.

It crawls out slowly, to explore,

I gather my courage and step on the floor,

I twitch my jaw,

What are you here for?

The little green alien stares at me,

Its big bright eyes full of plea,

Ahh, Round Ted, are you as scared as me?

How, Round Ted, how can this be?

I pick up Round Ted, he’s so light,

Under the blankets, we smile with delight,

Sweet dreams, Round Ted, I said to him,

A beautiful morning waits ahead!


5 responses to “31 Days In Jakarta Day 3

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  2. Hello! I would love to follow you along with your 31 days of change! Thanks for your visit as I just got my actual 1 st 31 day post up as of now.I was a lil a little late starting.
    Loving the poem and the fish looks fabulous! I love fish in many different ways.

    Thanks for visiting and I hope you check back~Cheers Kim

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