The Raining Season Starts Early

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31 Days In Jakarta Day 4

The raining season seems to have started early this year in Jakarta. Yesterday, it was raining. At around 4pm, it was already quite dark outside. Today, it’s a bit better, but the clouds still loom in the sky.

Gloomy days, and even worse the days are getting shorter. Changing weather makes people sick and that’s a fact. Please take care, dear readers, eat well and stay healthy.

In Jakarta, there are only two seasons. The wet season and the dry season. The LONG rainy (wet) season normally starts in late October and ends in early May. Luckily, although the rain can be heavy, it only lasts a very short time, about an hour or so. Even better, last year, it rained mostly at night. During the day, it was white clouds and blue skies.

Will this year be different? Hope a day like yesterday is just out of the norm. We dreaded the darker and shorter days. It takes away so much fun from our lives.

So, what are we going to do on a gloomy day like yesterday?

Why not read a book? We love to read in the MidNightVisitor‘s house. Miss D reads at least 30 minutes a day (part of her English homework anyway).

Inkheart, Children's book, Ink Trilogy, Fantasy book

(Maggie in Inkheart movie)

Miss D has just finished her 1 minute video for the Inkheart book review. Have a look on youtube. It is FUN to watch. Miss D did a brilliant job and Inkheart is one of her all time favorite books.

Other than this video, you will also find other videos of Miss D’s there. Why not take a look while you are there? We will add more videos to this site over time.

Miss D got the Inkheart book as a birthday gift two years ago. Of the few books we brought to Jakarta, Inkheart was among them. (If you didn’t know, we can only send 6 cubic meters of household stuff with us to Jakarta. Most of our household stuff are now in a warehouse in Sydney. Hello, our favorite comfy bed, we miss you SO MUCH. The beds we have in Jakarta are not the SAME!!!).

Inkheart is Miss D’s favorite. She has read it more than 5 times already. She has also read and re-read the other books in the Ink Trilogy.

Ink heart, Ink spell, Ink trilogy, kids book, kids fantasy books, kids good read

Amazing what kids do. They read, re-read, and re-read the same books; watch, re-watch, and re-watch the same movies. Would your little ones do the same?

Bye for now, we are going to read some good books today. How about you? Have a lovely day and see you tomorrow in another ’31 Days in Jakarta’.

Photo credit:; canburak at Flicker


14 responses to “The Raining Season Starts Early

  1. I loved to read as a child! I wish my kids would read more. See you tomorrow in Jakarta’ – I love it!!!! 🙂

  2. Even here in the U.S. we love to read on a rainy day. My husband likes to watch certain movies over and over…and my kids definitely did when they were younger too. Me? Not so much. Appreciate the Marilyn quote!

  3. Love the book recommendation…Always looking for a new series to get lost in!

  4. I smiled as I read your sentence about kids re-reading, re-watching things again and again. My son re-read the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan until the books were falling apart! ~ Kat

  5. Just wait until the typhoons hit. Then you will understand rainy season in a whole new way. Hope you live on a hill or above the second floor.

    • midnightvisitor

      Are you talking about HK or Jakarta? Last year it was Ok here. Fingers crossed for this year. We live in South Jakarta, suppose to be the higher end of the city, hehehe….

      • Both. HK gets hit more often and harder, but Jakarta has its share of rains and floods brought on my typhoons. Either way, it is amazing how much water can fall from the sky in a short period of time.

      • midnightvisitor

        Good to know. Thx Karron.

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