Instant Millionaire

Indonesia Rupiah, money, Indonesia money

31 Days In Jakarta Day 6

Want to be a millionaire? Come to Jakarta then. Trust us, you’ll become a millionaire, as soon as you landed at the SOEKARNO airport!

We were confused by the money in Jakarta when we first arrived in Jakarta (Actually, we had quite a lot of confusions when we were first here, not only the money side, though).

One day, Mrs D took a taxi and at the end of her trip, she had to pay the fare. So out she grabbed her purse, and then she got confused.

Which note to give the driver?

She knew how much to pay thanks to the meter. But all those zeros and numbers, oh boy, she felt dizzy.

Indoneisa Rupia, Indonesia money, notes

Thanks to all these confusion, Mrs D ended up gave more than needed to the driver and made him one happy man. In fact the local people here are living a hard life and is short on cash, so give generously while we can.

Oh, and the feeling of an Instant Millionaire. Don’t you just love it?


3 responses to “Instant Millionaire

  1. Currency is always a learning curve. Before the Euro, it used to be more fun in Europe, because everyone had different money. Now it is boring. However, in Asia and Indonesia, things are different. Enjoy being a millionaire. Even if it is only on paper.

    • midnightvisitor

      Love to be in Europe. We have been to a few countries there, but not enough. Lucky we don’t have to deal with so many currencies there these days. LOL.

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