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hotel Kristal South Jakarta, Jakarta hotel

31 Days in Jakarta Day 8 – continue

MidNightVisitor Quiz

We lived in Kristal Hotel in South Jakarta when we first arrived in Jakarta. Kristal Hotel has a unique combination of hotel service and apartment accommodation. It offers 320 one, two and three bedroom suites and 8 penthouses.

We lived in the serviced apartment with kitchenette, refrigerator, water dispenser and standard guest amenities.

Krystle Hotel is very kids friendly. It has a playground, tennis court and swimming pool for outdoor activities for kids.

It also provides non-smoking floors which we really enjoy.

One thing puzzled us is the Arrow in the picture below. We saw one in the Kristal Hotel as well. It is a prominent arrow which sits inside the drawer of the desk of our hotel room. Do you know what it is?

So this week’s MidNightVisitor’s Quiz is:

What is the arrow in this drawer for?

Mecca, pray, daily prayer

We are pretty sure lots of our readers recognize it as soon as they see the picture. Please stay tuned, the answer will be revealed next Monday as usual.

Until then, have a lovely day and see you tomorrow in another ’31 Days in Jakarta’.

Photo credit: Hotel Kristal


7 responses to “Hotel Finds Jakarta – Kristal Hotel

  1. I know what it is for, but I’ll let you give the big reveal. 🙂

  2. Runner Girl Eats

    I know too! 🙂

  3. points in the East direction : )

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