Time to Reveal

31 Days In Jakarta Day 8

Good morning and how are you today? How’s your weekend? Hope you have enjoyed quality time with your loved ones.

Welcome to a brand new week. And next week will be school holidays here in Jakarta.

Can’t wait!

We hope you still remember the MidNightVisitor Quiz from last week. Come on, we have practically given away the answer! We are nice people, and the quiz is just for everyone to have some fun, not to wreck our brains.

So, without further ado, here is the name for the ‘Queen of the Tropical Fruit’:

The Jackfruit

Look at the picture above, the baby Jackfruit is so tiny. It is the size of an olive. But the grown Jackfruit is huge, bigger than an adult’s head.

Our beautiful reader abeautifulday has got it right. Congratulations, darling! Jackfruit is our official answer for this quiz.

Why did we say that? Because, actually, after a few clicks on google, we are not so sure about our answer. Obviously, the Agribusinessweek called another fruit the mangosteen (or maggis as the locals call it here) ‘The Queen of the Tropical Fruit’.

tropical fruit, queen of tropical fruit, manggis, mangosteen

So who is the real queen?

Do not ask us, we are no experts. Our driver told us that the Jackfruit is ‘The Queen of The Tropical Fruits’, and we are going to stand by him.:D

Oh, BTW, do you know what the ‘King of the Tropical Fruit’ is? It is Durian and we are 100% sure of that.

Have fun, and enjoy the rest of your day.


2 responses to “Time to Reveal

  1. Jackfruit it’s delicious, I like it better than mangostan, so Jackfruit it’s the queen.

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