Are you Halloween Ready?

31 Days In Jakarta Day 9

Miss D is really looking forward to Halloween this year. She was afraid of Halloween when she was little and refused to put on those scary masks. But this year, she has been bubbling about her ‘Haunted House’ for a long time. Turns out she is planning her Middle School’s Halloween Night and she is really excited!

People do celebrate Halloween here in Jakarta. Some of them hold parties too. Last year, our neighbour held a big party and the noise lasted till mid night. This year, we can already see Halloween merchant on sale in major shopping malls in Jakarta.

So, are you ready for Halloween, the spookiest night of the year?

Come on, if you are reading this post, you’re probably still not Halloween ready.

Why not start now? There are still a few weeks left.

From eerie soundtracks to black witch costumes to scary ghost masks, there’s just no limit to what you can do to celebrate this year’s Halloween.

Let’s be confident and bring out the creativeness in us all and get  the party started, shall we?

The Lust Look


Cleopatra Halloween Makeup, Halloween, Halloween costumes, fashion Halloween, woman's fashion, Cleopatra makeup, Cleopatra

What’s Halloween without a tribute to the legendary Queen Cleopatra?

This make up captures the­­­ extravagance and licentiousness of Cleopatra’s unmatched, enduring allure. It is simply fascinating and spectacular!

Blinged Aye, Matey!

Sandra Bullock and her son make such adorable pirates in any Halloween party. No doubt about it, it is a classic move to be a pirate in any Halloween party. You will turn people’s heads just by turning up in the pirate costume.

Cat Woman

Watch out, the Catwoman is in town! Even with heels, the acrobatic Catwoman always lands on her feet. This costume is stunning. Who wouldn’t like this impressive, shimmering look? This costume alone will get you noticed.

Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman

Keep It Real

Grim Reaper

To get Miss D’s Haunted House ready, we are setting our eyes on this Grim Reaper Holding Candle Lantern Halloween Decor. This spooky grim reaper has a hole on his back for hanging. It is a chilling decoration for any room on a Halloween night. Perfect for the Haunted House for the middle school.

Halloween Decor, Halloween, Halloween costume

Halloween Door Wreath

How about a DIY Halloween Door Wreath? This one looks really cool. But we can make something simpler. It is not too hard to make. Stick to the color black, orange, and we should be fine. Why not give it a go and have some DIY Fun! Design our very own Halloween Door Wreath and get the kids involved.

halloween door decor, Halloween door wreath


Spiders and bats are always a hit during Halloween. You can make your own spider or bats. Get the scissors and paper ready, and cut away! Or if you are not in the mode, go check out this Giant Creepy Cloth Spider, it extends 4 feet wide! It will instantly transform any room into a Haunted House.

Halloween giant spider, Halloween, Halloween decor, Halloween costume(Giant Creepy Cloth Spider – 4 feet wide)

Halloween spider web, Halloween costume, Halloween decor

(Spider Web Streachable white)
halloween bats, halloween decor, halloween costume(Halloween Bats)

So, is your house Halloween ready? Have you prepared anything exciting for your kids? Send us an email and let us know the fun of Halloween in your house. We’d love that!

Photo credit: LuxeWreaths on Etsy; Catwoman by Michelle Pfeiffer in ”Batman Returns”;


5 responses to “Are you Halloween Ready?

  1. I have Halloween decorations packed away.They have been there for a few years. Along the way,I lost my enthusiasm for decoration my empty nest.But seeing the holiday through your energetic eye,I might unpack them this year.

  2. I don’t do Halloween, I leave that in my husband’s hands. He loves the day, I would rather read a book.

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