What do construction workers do while building a mansion in Jakarta

31 Days in Jakarta Day 12

Ok, this is a long title. But are you curious to know what Jakarta’s construction workers do while building a mansion like this:

Jakarta’s mansion can be huge. It is not our common 3 bedroom houses in Sydney. It sure takes forever to build, right?

The other day, Mrs D and Miss D took a morning walk. They walked inside a Golf Course Residence. The road there was leafy, wide and very quiet. A beautiful place. Many expats took morning walks there.

Then Miss D noticed a rooster, a happy, shiny, beautiful rooster.

Mrs D was curious, what was the rooster doing in a place like this? Was it someone’s pet?

Turned out the rooster was crossing the road.

The rooster crossed the road, then there, another rooster appeared.

There were actually many more roasters, hens, and chicks at this side of the road. They all started scurrying away because Miss D was now getting excited and started to follow them.

They arrived at this door, and one by one, the chicks went inside, the hens went inside…

Finally, the proud rooster went inside.

We had a look around, and found that this was a building site for a new mansion. It was all fenced up, so we cannot see much of the building itself. But obviously, someone was raising these chickens while building the mansion.

Not a bad idea, right?

We were really curious, and checked around and then we saw the place next to the building where the garden or pool supposed to be. We saw lots of corns, grew tall and proud. Aha, they were not only raise chickens, they were also planting plants. Maybe veggies, too? Self sustained with eggs, chicken meat, food and veggie. How green was that?! Who said Jakarta only got pollution, people here can be creative, too!

We stared at that empty door where the chickens went in. There were some good, hard working people living inside for sure. Next time, if we build our house in Sydney, we might raise some chickens as well? What do you think?

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8 responses to “What do construction workers do while building a mansion in Jakarta

  1. You should absolutely raise chickens. My parents raised chickens when I was growing up and they are brilliant. I’d skip the roosters though if you can. Some of them can be savage. If zoning permitted it where I live, I’d raise a few of my own now.

    • midnightvisitor

      We lived next to a sanctuary in Sydney, and yes, we raised chickens back then! No roosters. We love them dearly. Definitely going to do this again if we are back to Sydney. So much fun. I will share a piece written by Miss D about her ‘4 Ladies’ soon, maybe after this 31 dayers finished…xoxo

  2. Chickens are a great idea 🙂 I’m planning on getting some this spring. I think my daughter will have a lot of fun with them, and we go through a lot of eggs 🙂

    • midnightvisitor

      You really should raise chickens if you can. It’s a great hit with kids. All our neighbor’s kids came by to our house just to see our ‘ladies’…

  3. We had two chickens for a while – they are so much fun to raise! Although it really isn’t fun to get up in the morning and trudge through the snow to feed them in the dark of winter. Much better to do it in Jakarta 😀

    • Oh, snow is what we are longing for here in Jakarta. Never had any. It’s always 30 degrees. Good for swimming though. 😀

      Chickens are great pets, free eggs are just a bonus. We love animals in the D house. Glad you had chickens before, now we have something in common…

      xoxo Midnight

  4. Oh yeah, I was going to say – when my company built a plant in India, the construction workers just lived right there on the site, so they had thier families there and everything. Is that what these guys were doing?

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