Our Guard Abadi

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31 Days In Jakarta Day 12

We have just got a new guard yesterday, our old guard resigned.

This makes us think about our older guard, Abadi. He is quite special.

Abadi is a very happy Indonesia young man, about 1.8m tall, and is full of energy. He worked for us for about a year. Then one day he left.

‘Is he finding a new job?’ We asked our driver.

‘No, Abadi is going to be a businessman.’ replied our driver.

Ok, Abadi is young, tall, dark and handsome (now we regret we didn’t took a photo of him). But he is only a guard, how on earth can he do business?

Indonesia guides, Indonesia people, Indonesia man

(Indonesian Guards, who always smile)

Turns out Abadi is going to sell coconuts in Jogjakarta. Obviously it is a big business there. In fact, everyone drinks coconut in Indonesia. We like it, too.

Green coconuts

Besides, Abadi’s uncle knew people in the coconut business in Jogjakarta. That’s what makes all the difference.  ‘Relationship’ is the key in Indonesia, if you don’t already know.

And even better, Abadi is not selling coconuts in the streets. No way. He is going to be a wholesaler. He will be the provider of the coconuts to all the small coconut stalls, similar to the ones we see while we drive across Jakarta.

Now, that sound more exciting.

So whenever we drive pass a coconut stall like this, our minds will start to think, think about Abadi, that tall, dark, handsome young guard of ours.

Good luck, Abadi.

p.s Abadi means ‘A Long Life or eternity’ in Indonesia language. We really wish that holds true for our guard Abadi.

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4 responses to “Our Guard Abadi

  1. Coconut water is delicious, I buy it canned now but it’s not the same.
    Good luck to Abadi.

    • midnightvisitor

      Hehe, you should come over some time to enjoy real Coconut water. Bali and Lombok are very popular destinations.

  2. One thing about folks in that part of the world, they always see the possibilities.

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