Jakarta One Day Itinerary

Jakarta one day itinary, Tamam Mini Jakarta, Street performers Jakarta

31 Days In Jakarta Day 15

So you are in Jakarta, for just One Day!

Maybe you are having a business meeting in Jakarta and have a bit of spare time. Or maybe you live in the next city or country, and come by for a quick visit. Whatever the reason, here you are, in Jakarta, for only ONE DAY.

How exciting! What’s your plan? Anything you must see or do so that you don’t miss out the best part that Jakarta can offer?

Here is MidNightVisitor’s Jakarta One Day Itinerary:

Most likely you will arrive at Jakarta via the Soekarno International Airport. It is about  90 minutes to the Jakarta city centre.  Some will take a DAMRI Shuttle Bus to the heart of Jakarta.  But for us, we will just ride a taxi with a mere IDR 100,000 (1 USD = 9,600 IDR) taxi fare. Very good value for money, we would think.

Why not indulge yourself and stay in one of the excellent hotels in Jakarta. We like the Hotel Mulia Senayan because many of our expat friends stay there.

Hotel Mulia Jakarta, 5 star hotel Jakarta, Jakarta hotels, Jakarta accommodation

But really any other 5 star hotels will do. Jakarta has most of the world’s renowned 5 star hotels. Try the Shangari-la, the Grand Hyatt, the Marriott, or the Mandarin Oriental. They all have complete amenities, pools, gyms, beautifully rooms, and most importantly excellent restaurants and services.

For one day, chances are you will stick to the centre of Jakarta. Not a bad idea, as the city has much to offer.

We recommend you start at Merdeka Square (Independent Square). The National Monument (aka the Monas) is in the centre of the Merdeka Square. It is a tower of 422 feet tall and has a 35kg 24 carat gold tip. You can’t miss that if you are in the center of Jakarta.

Monas (National Monument), Jakarta

From there, you can drive around and see the Istana Merdaka (the Presidential Palace), and the Istiqlal Mosque. The Istiqlal Mosque is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia, and can hold as much as 120,000 people. It is a spectacular building. Well worth a visit.

Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta, Indonesia (with the Jakarta Cathedral in the background)

After that, you can go shopping at one of the shopping malls in the city. Grand Indonesia and Pacific Place are the two shopping malls we frequently visit. But there are many more. That will cost you the rest of your day for sure. Watch out, credit card. Here we come!

Shopping is not for you? Then go to Taman Mini: Indonesia in a park. It is a huge park over 250 acres and show cases full sized Indonesia buildings from 26 provinces in Indonesia. We normally spend a whole day there. But for one day visitors like you, please allocate at least half a day in this park. Admission is IDR9,000 (1 USD = 9,600 IDR) last time we visit.

Indonesia Taman Mini, Indonesia miniature park, Jakarta park, Jakarta tourist spot

Dinner time. There are so many restaurants in Jakarta. You sure will have a delicious dinner in no time. Try some local food, or any of the Italian, French, Japanese and Fusion food available. You won’t be disappointed.  There are so many trendy restaurants where you can eat while enjoying the night lights of the Jakarta city. Have fun.


3 responses to “Jakarta One Day Itinerary

  1. I’m sure that when I go there it won’t be for a day.
    I gotta plan a trip to that side of the world soon.

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