Got to Go Back to Sydney

Sydney home, Sydney beaches, Sydney outdoor

31 Days In Jakarta Day 15

It is Monday already. And we are stuck at home in Jakarta at the moment.

Sydney, we miss you.

Mrs D flicked through some photos today with Miss D. Miss D is on school holidays now. We planned to go to Singapore, but the plan fell apart  last-minute. So now we stuck at home, in Jakarta.

How we missed the sun, the sky, the beaches and even the air back home in Sydney. Got to go back!

Here is our favorite beach in Sydney.

Sydney Beach, Sydney home, Sydney

(Our friend’s dog, Lucky)

Sydney beaches, Sydney home, Sydney

(Miss D having fun with Lucky)

(Another dog came to play with Lucky)

Sydney beach, Sydney, Sydney family

(Mrs D and Miss D and our friend, photo by Mr D)

Living an expat life is exciting; we get to live in a different country, experience different culture, travel.

Yet, sometimes it can feel lonely and isolated. Far away from family, friends, familiar surroundings, favorite food does take its tolls. Little pleasures back at home can be a luxury in the new country.

As a family, we persist, persevere. Keep it real. We are living and enjoying while we can. Raise a decent kid. Keep the family together. Living, breathing, one day at a time.

Some days, we wonder why? Why we are here.

Are you in the mood for a poem? On a day like this, we are. Here’s one Mrs D wrote some time ago. It reminds us that living in a stranger’s city can be hard at times.

Our city

It is sometime strange to think,

That we are now in Jakarta.

A city full of exotic colors and sounds,

 A city called the Big Duran.

Smells of chillies, songs of pray,

Sitting in the famous Jakarta traffic jam,

Listening to slow melodies,

Singing a language we do not understand.

The city.

Her boulevards. Her high rises. Her fancy night lights.

Her solemn mosques. Her dark alleys of sadness.

It is someone else’s play land.

We are strangers here, a mere passerby.

Sometimes lonely, and stressed.

Yet mostly curious,

Wondering why – why are we here?

It is our city for now,

For how long?

Do we know?

Do we even care?!


2 responses to “Got to Go Back to Sydney

  1. That’s a really nice beach.
    Have a nice week.

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