What is the arrow in this drawer for? Reveal

English: Mecca City

31 Days In Jakarta Day 15

Time To Reveal

We want to thank our readers who know the answer to this quiz, but kept it a secret so everyone else can have their chances. Thank you, middlewaymom & Runner Girl Eats, we appreciate your consideration.

Now, the MidNightVisitor‘s Reveal:

The arrow in this drawer is pointing to the direction of the Holy City of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Mecca, pray, daily prayer

As you know, Mecca is the centre of the Islamic world. It is the birthplace of the prophet Muhammad. Each day all the Muslims ( there are over one billion of Muslims in the world if you do not know) face Mecca to pray. That’s why the hotels in Muslim countries have this arrow in their hotel room.

Look at the crescent and

star in this drawer, it is

the holy symbol of Islam.

But the arrow is not always like this.

It can be as simple as a normal arrow like this.Holy City Mecca, Hotel Jakarta, Jakarta hotels

Do you know how many times a Muslim pray in a day? Well some of our friends pray 5 times a day. Before pray, they will wash their faces and their hands.

Faithful praying towards Makkah

Photo credit: wikipedia


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