Luscious Pancakes

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 31 Days In Jakarta Day 16

We had pancakes on Sunday morning. They were so satisfying that Miss D wanted seconds. We have to share this pancake recipe with you as we like it so much. Besides, these pancakes are super easy to make. They are lovely, light and luscious!

Even better, these pancakes saved us a trip to the local coffee shop. Relaxing Sunday by the pool. Yes, that’s the way to go.

Why will anyone ever use a mix when we can have home-made pan cakes like these? Why not try these wonderful pancakes in the morning? You will love them.


  • Flour 24 Tbsp
  • Sugar 2 Tbsp (or to taste, we add a lot of maple syrup, so we don’t add much sugar to the actual pan cake, hehehee.)
  • Salt a pinch
  • Milk: 200ml-210ml (add gradually so the mixture is not too thin)
  • Egg 1
  • Baking Powder 2 Tsp
  • Melted butter: 15g or 1TB
  • Vanilla powder 1 Tsp
  1. Sift baking powder with flour
  2. Add sugar and salt
  3. Add egg and milk
  4. Mix well and let mixture stand for a few minutes
  5. Heat frying pan on medium, swirl oil to coat frying pan
  6. Pour 1/4 cup batter into frying pan
  7. Brown on both sides (trick here is to wait till batter to bubble, and press the pan cake with a shovel to make sure it is firm enough to flip. Only flip once)
  8. Flip pan cake onto plate and serve hot with maple syrup or honey.

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Photo credit: melpenguin at Flicker


5 responses to “Luscious Pancakes

  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe. The pancakes look fluffy and I can’t wait to give them a try. It inspires me to post my own blender pancake recipe. I’ll have to make and post some this week.

  2. Okay, now you’ve made me hungry. Will try these pancakes for sure.

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