A Field Trip In Bogor

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31 Days In Jakarta Day 17

What is a field trip like in Jakarta? It is Different!

Have you ever planted rice in a rice field with the help of a carted cow? Have you danced a Javanese or Balinese dance in the full glory of the traditional Javanese or Balinese costume? Or have you made a beautiful batik bag and took it home as a souvenir? How about a Wayang Golek? Hand painted and all dressed up in traditional batik dress.

Well, that’s what a field trip is like in Jakarta.

Miss D went on a field trip to Bogor, a place about 2 hours away from Jakarta. It was culture rich. The kids loved it.

boger field trip(planting rice in rice field)

(students watching planting rice in rice field)

Jakarta rice field, Jakarta field trip, Jakarta cow

(learn to drive the cow, tricky task)

planting rice in Bogar, Jakarta

(planting rice in rice field under Indonesia sun)

Balinese dance, bali dance, Jakarta field trip, Bogar field trip(Girls dancing)

bali dance, bali dancers, bali boy dancers, balinese dance, traditional balinese dance

(Boys watch dancing, your turn next, guys!)

(Students practicing Martial arts)

Bogar local students

(Meeting local students in Bogor, love the school uniform and smile, some of the girls are really shy)

painting wayang golek

(painting Wayang Golek, see the one Miss D painted here)

kayaking in Bogar, Jakarta

(love the kayaking, actually any water sports will do)

(Fun in the swimming pool, love the hair! How did she do that?!)

Jakarta must see, things must do in Jakarta, must see Jakarta

(Trekking along the rice field in Bogor, you can see the volcano mountain in the background)

Bye, Bogor, we love you and will be back soon.

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Photo credit: dragontail


7 responses to “A Field Trip In Bogor

  1. Wow! Beautiful… The water buffalo reminded me of my time in the Philippines… Actually, most of the pictures did. I’d really like to go back again and visit.

  2. Sigh, I love school field trips abroad. They always do such interesting things, for us expats anyway. Sounds like it was a super day for all of you.

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