Halloween Show Time

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31 Days In Jakarta Day 19

Went to watch a theater show of Dracula recently as part of our celebration of this year’s Halloween. Dracula is a famous 1897 Gothic horror novel and is a classic to watch prior to Halloween. Dracula was described as “the most blood-curdling novel of the paralysed century”. It has been filmed into various movies since the 1930s.

The Lust Look

Picture above is Hollywood actress Winona Ryder and she played Mena in the 1992 Dracula movie. We really like the Ball Room dance scene in the Dracula movie. The masques and gowns are grand and majestic.

To celebrate Halloween in style, we all need some great costumes.

Halloween party, Halloween costume, Halloween vampire, vampire costume Halloween

Dancing in passion, love everything about the red gown and the golden masques. Red and gold always go together and gives a grand and majestic feeling. Very classic indeed.

Halloween, Halloween costume, Halloween party, Halloween vampire, vampire costume

Watch out. How soon things can turn from glamor to evil and ghostly? True in life too. Lucky it is only a movie.

Keep It Real

To keep it real. We have found below:

halloween costume, vampire costume, halloween vampire costume, ballroom dancing vampire costume

Dracula Countess Adult Ballroom Dancing Vampire Costume. Why not celebrate Halloween in ballroom style? This costume is grand. It includes the dress with stand-up collar and glovelets. The dress has Invisa-Fabric front plunge & waist accents. Very majestic.

halloween costume, halloween party, halloween pirate costume, vampire halloweenWho won’t like to be a pirate. A girl pirate, that will add more charm to any Halloween party. This pirate costume is classic but cute and cheery.If you don’t want to go for the full costume, go get a pirate’s hat, like what Sandra Bullock did here.

Now below is something really deadly. Not for the fainted hearted for sure. But, hey, it is Halloween. Why not go the full length and play Death himself? This costume is so dramatic and boys would love it.

halloween, halloween costume, halloween party, halloween pirate, pirate costume halloween

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Photo credit: amazon.com; IMDB


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