Jakarta 3 Day Itinerary

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31 Days In Jakarta Day 21

Dear readers,

How are you today? It is a cloudy day here in Jakarta. The raining season has truly kicked in. How is the weather like in your city? We hope you have a relaxed Sunday.

Okay, we understand that our love for Jakarta is growing and one day trip is not nearly enough for this city. We get that.

So below we present our very own MidNightVisitor’s 3 day itinerary for Jakarta.

We hope you enjoy it.

Day 1

Please refer to Jakarta 1 Day Itinerary here.

But when think about it, actually, if you plan to stay in Jakarta for 3 days, you might want to give Taman Mini a chance. Spend one whole day there so that you do not have to rush yourself. It deserves one day as there are also Bird Park, Reptile Park, Water Park and other attractions in Taman Mini. There are live performances at certain time of the day or week as well.

Taman Mini, Jakarta, Indonesia, Taman Mini Performancers, Taman Mini Park, Indonesia Tour

Day 2

Now we have two options here,

A) On the second day, you might want to go to Taman Mini and spend a whole day there.

Taman Mini, Jakarta, Indonesia

You can hold a huge snake in the Reptile Park here if you’re brave enough. More on this later.

Taman Mini Reptile Park, Jakarta, Indonesia


B) Even better, go to Taman Safari.

This is a must visit attraction. We have been there many times and Miss D really likes it. In fact, all of her friends like it. Of course, the most fun part is you get to hand feed the animals from your car window. How good is that?

Taman Safari, Taman Safari Jakarta, Indonesia, Jakarta tour, Jakarta trip

Taman Safari is an open range zoo featuring a live drive by into the safari itself. It is located in the middle between Jakarta and Bandung, takes 1-3 hours to go there, depending on your luck on the traffic :D.

Go on a weekday if your schedule allow as the traffic can be really bad during weekends or holidays.

Oh, riding elephants is second best to actually hand feeding deers. Miss D loved it.

Taman Safari, Taman Safari Jakarta, Indonesia, Bogor, Bandang, Taman Safari trip

Day 3

Why not go to Ancol, the beach side of Jakarta? It will certainly take a whole day and it is actually closer to the airport. There is a maritime museum in Ancol and some nice beach walks. Ancol is also the home of Dunia Fantasi (meaning Dreamland in Indonesian), a theme park with lots of carousel, roller-coasters, and some extreme ride. It is a really big place and make sure you carry a map if you visit. Beware, it can be really hot if you spend the whole day there.

If Ancol is not the best choice for you, why not spend some time on the museums in Jakarta. Like many other metropolitan cities, Jakarta has many museums on offer, such as the National Museum of Jakarta, Jakarta History Museum, Jakarta Fine Arts Museum and many more.

The former Stadhuis of Batavia, the seat of th...

(Jakarta History Museum)

The National Museum of Jakarta is our pick. It is in the center of the city opposite the Monas. The National Museum of Jakarta is an archaeological, historical, ethnological, and geographical museum. The museum has a very good collection of artefacts from all parts of Indonesia, and the displays all have informative explanations. There are free tours in English but we missed it the last time we visit as the tour guide didn’t show up. But, it is for free, so you might try your luck and let us know if the free tour is good.

Jakarta horse carriage, Jakarta tourist spot, Jakarta tour, Jakarta trip, Day trip Jakarta

Still got energy after the museum? You might want to go to Glodok (the China town), the older part of Jakarta for a quick visit. If you want to feel the hustle and bustle of an older part of Jakarta, this is the place. The sights and the smells will linger long in your memory. Be aware of the pickpockets, though. Go visit Café Batavia in China town and chill out. Lots of expats go there at least once during their stay in Jakarta.

You can get cheap electronics in Glodok. But bargain hard as the prices on offer is very inflated when you are not a local.

We also bought our turtle, Indah, in Glodok. They sell all kinds of animals on the street of Glodok, from rabbits, birds, mice, to monkeys. You can easily spot them along the main street of Glodok.

Want something quieter than Glodok? If you happen to be in Jakarta on the weekend, you might like to try many of the buffets that Jakarta’s 5 star hotels offer either for lunch or dinner. These are real value for money and a must have if you love to eat like we do. Try the buffets at Ritz Carlton, Shangri-La, and Marriott. They all range at around IDR 288,000 per person (++ meaning add about 25% on top of the price for taxes and fees) with free flow soft drinks. If you enjoy free flow wine or alcohol, the price starts at IDR 488,000 (++, 1 USD = IDR 9,600)

For some of our readers, 3 days is totally not enough. Actually, this 3 day itinerary is so fully packed that you can easily extend it into a 5 day itinerary. So should we call this Jakarta 3 – 5 day itinerary?

Still not enough? Don’t worry, we will do a 7 – 10 day itinerary for Jakarta and beyond soon. These are also must visits for Jakarta and Indonesia.  So stay tuned.


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  1. Owww I want an elephant.
    FYI, I’m about to cook Nasi Goren, if it comes out tasty I’ll write a post.

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