Let’s Talk About The Maid

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31 Days In Jakarta Day 22

Time To Reveal – How many maids does one household need in Jakarta?

Mrs D has worked all her adult life prior to our arrival in Jakarta. She is pretty happy in her career and is actually quiet enjoying her work.

Of course, ever since we have Miss D, every now and then, it crosses Mrs D’s mind, ‘Won’t it be nice to spend more time with the little one?’

Be a mom.

Be a wife.

Slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.

Somewhere, there must be a god who listened. Now that we are in Jakarta, Mrs D can work no more due to visa constrictions. She became Ibu D (aka Mrs D), a stay at home mom.

We, the expats, are really been pampered in Jakarta. We live in mansions and have staff members.

It turns out maids are a necessity in Jakarta. Most families (people with professional careers) have maids and babysitters.Wondering around shopping malls in Jakarta, we always see Babysitters in uniforms everywhere.

We were shocked when we knew that our next door neighbor has 15 maids in their house. They are a family of 5 and their son is actually in one of Miss D’s classes last year. A pretty normal boy. No way you can tell he’s got 15 maids, 12 cars, and 5 drivers plus god knows how many gardeners, guards, maintenance people at his house! Read here for the survey we did recently about maids.

Holy cow, why on earth do they need 15 maids?

Anyway, have a maid can be a nice thing, but managing maid is another story. We hear people telling horrible stories about their maids every now and then. So don’t be too carried away when thinking about having a maid. 😀


8 responses to “Let’s Talk About The Maid

  1. I was a little off, but 15 is still excessive.

  2. I loved having a maid in Hong Kong and in New Zealand. Managing them was easy enough, but I, too, have heard horror stories. Generally, expats would recommend their maids to newer people because they would be moving away. The word of mouth recommendations are generally the best way to find a good maid.

    • So they also have maids in NZ? Haven’t heard this one before. Always learn something new fm bloggoing!

      Yep, word of mouth is the way to go. After all it is our own household that the maid is working in. Kind of personal.

  3. Huh ? 15 ? Unbelievable ! * shakes head*

    • 10+ seems quite normal among some of the rich people here. Those who own real estates: ie shopping malls, gold courses, or factories, etc… we are yet to work out how they actually assign work to these 15 maids though. As said earlier, there might be ‘maid’s maid’? LOL 😀

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