What is inside this Bamboo Wrapping?

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31 Days In Jakarta Day 24

MidNightVisitor Quiz

Jakarta street food is a scene in itself. You don’t see many of the street food stalls during the day. From what we observe, these stalls come out twice a day. Once in the morning so people buy their breakfast. Then again in the late afternoon and last till mid night selling dinner.

Jakarta street food, Jakarta food, street food Jakarta, must eat Jakarta, Jakarta must see, Jakarta must eat

Street food stall galore. These stalls sell all kinds of Indonesia food. Many we have never seen or heard before.

Jakarta street food, Jakarta must eat, street food Jakarta, Jakarta must see

Es Podeng stall. Es means ice. So this is an ice-cream stall, we think. Never tried though. Hope it’s yummy. Looks like they serve all kinds of toppings here. Nice indeed.

Jakarta street food, Jakarta must eat, street food Jakarta, Jakarta must see

Sate Padang stall. They sell beef satay from an Indonesia place called Padang. Padang food is very famous in Indonesia.

Jakarta street food

Drink stall. They sell all kinds of bottled or canned drinks. Mineral water, tea, orange juice, soft drinks, etc, etc. See all the motorbikes? These are the everyday transport people use to get to places.

One thing about Indonesia food is, they use lots of organic wrappings, such as banana leaves and bamboo leaves. The food looks somehow more inviting this way.

We really like the weaving bamboo wrapping of this food. So this week’s MidNightVisitor’s Quiz is:

What is inside this bamboo wrapping?

Jakarta street food

We are sure lots of our readers in Jakarta or southeast Asia know it as soon as they see the picture.

Have fun and good luck!

The answer will be revealed as usual next Monday.

Bye for now.

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6 responses to “What is inside this Bamboo Wrapping?

  1. Rice with vegetables, or something that needs to be steamed since that is what they use them for in China.

  2. That’s the rice and coconut thing, which is really good!!!

  3. yes, it’s rice! ketupat

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