Jakarta 7 day itinerary

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31 Days In Jakarta Day 27

Good morning, our dear readers. How are you today?

Hope Saturday puts a smile on your face.

Well, we have certainly enjoyed our Jakarta Itineraries so far.

How about a 7 day itinerary? Actually how about a 7 – 10 day itinerary? Spend a bit more time in this exotic Metropolitan City, or pay a visit to a nearby town such as Yogyakarta?

Our journey will begin on Day 6, picking up from where we left before. If you want to read the Jakarta 1 Day Itinerary, click here. For Jakarta 3-5 Day Itinerary, click here.

Day 6

Visit Tangkuban Prahu crater and Ciater hot spring.

Indonesia volcano, Tangkuban Prahu crater

Indonesia volcano,  Tangkuban Prahu crater, volcano indonesia

Are you brave enough to hike down a volcano with sulfur fumes emitting continuously? If yes, Tangkuban Perahu is for you. Don’t worry, Tangkuban Perahu is a non active volcano and won’t eat you up.

Tangkuban Perahu is about 2-3 hours drive from Jakarta and it offers an astonishing mountain view. It is the only crater in Indonesia that you can drive up to its very rim. Wear a mask if you are allergic to the sulfur fumes.

Some of the fun activities down in the centre of the crater are egg boiling (where the hot spring boils an egg in a few minutes) or having a mud message by the locals. Gee, who would bring an egg with them? Don’t worry, the friendly locals will sell you a dozen or two if you’re gaming enough.

How about some hot spring bath after visiting the Tangkuban Prahu crater? Go visit Ciater hot spring. You will be fully energized after a hot bath.

Day 7

Depart to Jogjakarta by airplane. Settle down in one of the many Hotels in Jogjakarta. Explore the city or go visit a few shops for batik or silverware. They are very famous in Jogjakarta. Some shops offer workshops for making batik or silverware as well.

Day 8

Explore the Borobudur complex and Prambanan temple. Borobudur is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Trust us, these sites deserve a whole day’s explore.

English: The main Stupa crowning the Borobudur...


Day 9

Explore the Royal Palace and Jogjakarta city. Return to Jakarta by airplane at night.

Day 10

Go buy a souvenir or two. Indonesia is famous for its Batik, coffee and local antiques among other things.  Alun Alun, Batik Keris, Pasaraya and Sarinah Department Store are a few good places to start. You can see interesting local fashion as well.

jakarta must see, jakarta must visit

After shopping, why not relax and treat yourself with a genuine Balinese massage? Jakarta has some of the best massage and spar parlous on offer. Enjoy the pleasant natural ambiance, with soothing music, skilful therapists, and the freshest materials. Get pampered. Those soured legs deserve it! They would love you for the massage.

Jakarta must do, Jakarta must see, Jakarta massage, must do Jakarta

Jakarta must do, Jakarta must see, Jakarta massage, must do JakartaJakarta must do, Jakarta must see, Jakarta massage, must do Jakarta

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