Hello From The Australian Embassy

Australian Embassy Jakarta

31 Days In Jakarta Day 30

Gosh, only 2 days left before the end of our ‘31 Days In Jakarta’. There are still so much to talk about this exotic city of ours. Have you fallen in love with Jakarta yet? Ours is a hate and love relationship.

Have to say hello to all our Australian readers out there.

Dear families, neighbors, friends, and workmates.

Miss D’s friends, teachers, sports coaches and singing buddies.

Shop owners at the corner of our house.  Thank you for the fresh milk we got everyday while we were in Sydney.

Your readership and support are what kept us going. 😀

‘The 31 Days In Jakarta’ won’t be completed without a trip to the Australian Embassy here in Jakarta. That’s literally our second home, a home away from home, right?

So let’s take you on a tour of our Embassy in Jakarta, shall we?

Well, actually we don’t think the Australian Embassy is open to public. It’s not the White House where you get to go in for a tour.

Unfortunately, we are no personal friends with our dear ambassador either. Not yet, but we are working on it. 😀

What you see is a glimpse of what a normal person gets to see while inside the Australian Embassy, OK?

Australian Embassy Jakarta, Jakarta Australian Embassy

First thing we saw was this portable Police Station upon arrival at the Jakarta Australian Embassy. These handsome policemen almost became our friends when we finished our business inside the Jakarta Australian Embassy.

Why? Because the traffic was so heavy that we had to wait for over 20 minutes for our car. During that time, one of the policeman chatted to us in simple English, and ended up offering us seats inside their tent, and some mineral water. Really, really nice.

Jakarta Australian Embassy

We had to walk along this way about 25 meters to get to the gate of Jakarta Australian Embassy. And trust us, you aren’t see nothing yet. Going inside Jakarta Australian Embassy was like going inside a jail. It took at least 4 security checks and gates just to get in.

Guess it was the same as all the other Embassies here in Jakarta. Security is of the top most priority.

Jakarta Australian Embassy was bombed 10 years ago right outside this gate. The security guards died so as some of the people inside this building.

Australian Embassy Jakarta, Jakarta Australian Embassy

Met some local office workers walking along this side way at Jakarta Australian Embassy. See the badge she was wearing. That’s what needed to go inside the Jakarta Australian Embassy.

Jakarta Australian Embassy

Once inside Jakarta Australian Embassy, we saw this memorial plaque. Sad story. Courageous people.

Jakarta Australian Embassy

Some familiar faces: Julia Gillard (Australia Prime Minister), Bob Carr (FOREIGN Affairs Minister) etc, etc.

Australian Embassy Jakarta, Jakarta Australian Embassy

Opening Hours of the Australian Embassy.

Jakarta Australian Embassy

Brochures for free. Take one if you want to know more about traveling outside Australia or visiting Jakarta in particular.

Traveling smart, traveling well, travelling for families, travelling for seniors…

Jakarta Australian Embassy

Reception area. Take a seat while we security check you! 😀

Our visit had to stop here for you. We have to kill you if we tell you what happened inside these offices. Top secret. Concerning National Security.

But, can we have one last picture please? Pretty, please.

OK, one last picture, just for you.

Some every day building maintenance was also happening here in Jakarta Australian Embassy.

After all, we were only Human.

Jakarta Australian Embassy

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2 responses to “Hello From The Australian Embassy

  1. My in-laws used to live in Jakarta, and once the traffic was so bad that they simply pulled over and left their car. Bangkok traffic is pretty awful, but I haven’t quite gotten to that point, yet!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

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