Things We Bought In October

halloween, witch hat halloween, black witch hat, halloween witch

We have gone crazy on Halloween this month. Of course, we have to buy a few things for Halloween.

Miss D got her new black witch toy (it makes a scary sound, and its evil eyes will shine once you touch her), her new devil’s mask and her new black witch hat. She is one little happy Halloween enthusiast at the moment.

Look at the black witch and the Babies at the back. How fascinating! Indonesia babies in full traditional costumes, and a black witch. East meets west?

halloween, toys halloween, witch, black witch halloween, craft halloween

Miss D will be the tour guide in her school’s haunted house tonight. For this job, she saved us an entry fee of USD 2. How great!

Mrs D has bought a new dress (OK, she has bought more than one new dress, but this is the one we are going to show you.) You know, the holiday and party season is officially upon us now that we are in November. Why not buy yourself a nice piece before all the other girls rush in? Have you got any ideas for this year’s Christmas gift yet? Hurry up. We are working on ours now.

This dress is by Ralph Lauren. On the official Ralph Lauren website, it is on sell for USD49.99 now. But Mrs D got it for a mere USD 15 from one of the factory outlets in Jakarta.

Factory outlets are a great place to hunt for bargains. Sometimes it can be a hit and miss. We can’t always win. But it is kind of addictive and every now and then, we can find some authentic pieces at bargain prices.

In our bathroom – We love Clearasil and we are using the Clearasil PerfectaWash – an automatic dispenser that provides the perfect amount of cleanser for our face.

In our study –  Miss D is still reading the perfect joke book ‘National Geographic Kids Just Joking: 300 Hilarious Jokes, Tricky Tongue Twisters, and Ridiculous Riddles’. Miss D cannot stop reading it as it is hilarious.

Miss D has also done a 3 minute video for her French Beginner’s class. We don’t know how authentic her French is. Or, does it sound more like English? Why not have a listen for yourself. It’s based on the Simpson’s characters and is a fun to watch. We all love The Simpsons, don’t we? The video will be uploaded soon. So stay tuned.

What are your favorite cartoon characters? Do drop us a line as we love to share a few laughs in the MidNightVisitor’s house.


We are working on our lust list at the moment. Do you have something you really, really want this Christmas? Do drop us a line. We love to hear your stories.

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