A Rainy Day And Monkey Business

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Good morning, dear readers. How are you this Saturday?

Another rainy day here in Jakarta.

Guess we are lucky compared to the people in the east coast in America. What a horrible experience to go through over there!

Our prayers to all those who are suffering because of Hurricane Sandy.

Just a quick joke to cheer you up on a rainy day like this, shall we?

We love monkeys and see what this boy is doing with his monkey:

A schoolboy went to school with a monkey on his shoulder. The headmaster saw him and told him he shouldn’t bring a monkey to the school. Instead he should send the monkey to the zoo.

The schoolboy nodded and went away.

The next day the same schoolboy went to the same school with the same monkey on his shoulder. The same headmaster saw him and got really upset.

‘Didn’t I tell you to send your monkey to the Zoo?’ he asked the schoolboy.

‘Yes, sir, I did. I sent him to the Zoo yesterday. And I’m gonna send him to the movies today!’ replied the boy innocently.


9 responses to “A Rainy Day And Monkey Business

  1. I like the joke! I’ll have to remember to tell that one to my Dad when he wakes up. Hope you have a good one today!

  2. Photos of the East Coast are pretty crazy! They even decided to cancel the New York City Marathon today…wow. Also, I love the monkey photo. 🙂

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