An Update on Our Chickens

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This is an article Miss D wrote in July 2010 for her English writing assignment about our 4 free range chickens. Actually, it is the second article she wrote about our free range chickens. In between the move from Sydney to Jakarta, we cannot find the first article any more. So here is the second part of our free range chicken story.

Raising free range chicken is so much fun! Hope you enjoy reading this:

Remember, at the beginning of the year I talked about my free range chickens? They were just tiny fluff balls which were the size of your fist! Well, now it’s completely different. My chickens or ‘hens’ are 9 months old and they lay eggs (yes, we have free range, organic eggs) every day, but occasionally one chicken drops out because she needs a rest. The chickens have mud baths, fight with each other and nearly every day they get out of their coop to scratch in the garden.

organic eggs, best organic eggs, free range eggs, chicken, pets, raising chicken as pets, sydney chicken

Every morning the chickens wake up when the sun rises and start doing what they always do – laying eggs. How we love these organic eggs! These eggs are different from the caged, supermarket eggs. They are from our very own happy, healthy chickens, and is full of nutrients.

When they first started laying eggs, our chickens were still learning how to do it so one morning they might lay a gigantic egg which was a double yolk egg, the next day they might lay only three eggs and yet another day they might lay five eggs because one chicken laid two eggs.

Us humans take showers every day, right? Well, chickens are completely different. They absolutely hate water which means they don’t take baths like us, instead they dig a hole in the ground and flap around in there. This is called a mud bath.

organic eggs, best organic eggs, free range eggs, organic eggs, chicken mud bath, chicken, pets, raising chicken as pets, sydney chicken

Do you know chickens fight by pecking each other? Well, it’s true. My chickens always peck each other for no reason at all. It’s strange to me. Peep who is the youngest chicken pecks Chocolate who is the second youngest and she also pecks Sunshine who is the second oldest! Ginger, the oldest chicken, is mature and doesn’t peck the others and she doesn’t get pecked. It is peculiar and I don’t understand why but it just happens.

I love watching my chickens. They spend all day pecking around in my backyard. Every time I open the back door, they would run to greet me to see what scraps I might have. Usually I feed them fruit peelings and lettuce, but sometimes if they were lucky, I offer them eggshells, titbits of sausage and bread.

It is so much fun to have chickens and having free range, truly organic eggs is just such a bonus. Do you know that a chicken’s lifespan is about 10 years? I bet my chickens are willing to spend the rest of their joyous lives at my place as they are having so much fun here already. More free range eggs for us!

Article credit: Miss D

Photo credit: Miss D

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10 responses to “An Update on Our Chickens

  1. That’s so cute, and I even learned some new facts about chickens 🙂

  2. I wonder if there’s a hierarchy and that’s why Ginger doesn’t get pecked

  3. A wonderful article! I learned so much about egg laying and chickens. I have always wanted to have chickens but I am not allowed to since I live in the city.

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