Chicken Fun Facts

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Ever since we had our free range chickens, our knowledge about chickens exploded. Every day, Miss D would find something new or interesting about chickens.

Free entertainment!

So here are a few fun facts we know. Hope you enjoy our chicken facts:

How far can chicken travel?

The fastest distance we saw our chicken travel was flying across our swimming pool, about 10 meters in width. Ginger fled from one side of our swimming pool to the other side to catch up with her friends. She was in a hurry and can’t wait to walk a longer path. Chickens can be lazy, too?

How big is the largest egg that’s ever laid?

Our chicken eggs are pretty big. The double yolk eggs are no doubt the biggest among the eggs our chickens lay.

But our eggs are in no way as big as the biggest chicken egg. It is about 12 ounces!

But wait, read this: the most egg yolks in one egg ever found is: 9 yolks! Can you believe it? Nine yolks! We were ecstatic when we saw our first double yolk egg. Poor us.

How many eggs can one chicken lay in a day?

When our chickens are younger and first started to lay eggs, they sometimes lay two eggs a day. That’s the most we ever saw our chickens lay in one day.

But do you know how many eggs can a chicken laid in one day? The most eggs a chicken lay in one day is 7 eggs. That must be one crazy chicken! Are the eggs even nutritious or is the chicken dying because she lost too many eggs? Who knows.

Do chickens talk to each other?

Yes, they do.

Our chickens talk to each other all the time.­­­ They send each other alarm calls when danger is near. We kind of understand them since we have our chickens for a long time.

Why do human beings raise chickens?

To provide eggs and chicken meat for us, you would think? Wrong. Human beings first raised chickens for entertainment. They raise chickens to play a game called cock-fight.

Why do some chicken farms have lights all night long for their chickens?

This is cruel and it happens in many chicken farms. Why would they do this? Well, because chickens lay more eggs when the day is longer. Poor things.

Our chickens are really lucky. They get up when the sunrises, and sleep when the sun goes down. Natural, happy and healthy. That’s the way to go.

How many chickens are there in our world?

We eat eggs and chickens all the time. Are you curious to know how many chickens are in the entire world?

We don’t know the answer. But the fact we do know is there are definitely more chickens or eggs than us human.

Interesting enough, do you know which country has the most chickens? Well, it is China. BTW, China happens to have the most human population as well. Isn’t that a coincidence?

Last but not least, the thousand years old question:

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

For us it is definitely chickens! We got our chickens from the shop when they were 4 days old! But wait, where did the shop got their chickens? Must be hatched from eggs, right?

OK, honestly, we don’t know the answer to this one. But who cares, we love our chickens, and that’s that.

Miss D wants to have some chickens in Jakarta, but probably that won’t happen. We will raise chickens again some time in the future, that’s for sure. So stay tuned.

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4 responses to “Chicken Fun Facts

  1. I always say that I go to bed with the chickens, not that sleep with chickens, but I sleep early and so do chickens, as soon as it’s dark they go to sleep, the light up all night is cruelty no doubt, but nobody seems to care about how poultry is treated at those farms.

    • You’re one health person! Wish we could do the same. We will do a comparison of chicken’s life under different situations now that you mentioned how the farms treated the poor chickens. See how happy our chickens are!

  2. I love raising chickens! My chickens originally began life with the intent of being food, but they’re so full of personality that they’re now pets full of entertainment value (though no cockfighting allowed). Glad to find like minded folks!

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