What is this man doing with his bamboo pole?-Reveal

tropical fruit, jakarta fruit

Last week’s Quiz is hard to get. In fact, we don’t know what this man was doing until we went near and saw what he did.

He was picking cherries!

tropical fruit, jakarta fruit

One of the fun things in Jakarta is we get to see all kinds of tropical fruits along the streets. There are fruit trees everywhere. Mango trees, banana trees, pineapple trees, etc, etc… Remember the Jack-fruit tree in our previous post? It’s full of giant Jack-fruit. We wonder who are the lucky people that can pick these fruits. The fruits have to belong to someone, right?

Here are a few fruit trees we get to see everyday:

tropical fruit, jakarta fruit, jack-fruit tropical


tropical fruit, jakarta fruit

Si Gua – this is a kind of Asia vegetable.

English: Musa sp. (banana tree)

Banana trees. There are banana trees everywhere in Jakarta. Even in front of Miss D’s classroom. Can you believe it?

English: A flowering pineapple on a tree that ...

Pineapple tree.

English: Picture of mango tree with fruits.

Mango tree. There are many, many different kinds of mangoes. For fruit, for cooking etc, etc.

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2 responses to “What is this man doing with his bamboo pole?-Reveal

  1. Funny thing the Sigua is really common in Latin America, but I’ve never seen people eating it, it’s used as a sponge. I have a couple of seeds that I’m planning to plant next spring, I should give it a try and see how it tastes.
    I love mango and jackfuit too.

    • People here use Sigua as sponge, too. But they cook it and eat at the same time.

      There are many, many kinds of mangoes here. Hard for us to tell the difference.

      Love the Jackfruit. It is huge.

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