Show Me A Christmas Present Google Can’t Find

Google X, alternate interface to Google search

Christmas is such a magical time with gifts galore for everyone. Who is the real Santa Clause this year? Do you know?

Our best bet is….(drum-rolls)…


Show us something Google can’t find, and we will send you a medal for the world’s Guinness record.

For the record, we think for this year, you can find anything, yep, anything from Google search. Online shopping is a wonderful thing and it is very popular. What are you fancy this year? Fashion, food, travel, entertainment? Google can satisfy any possible human needs in less than 1 second. Lightning fast. Actually Google search is so fast that it is kind of scary sometimes.

To add some fun to our Christmas hunting, this week’s MidNightVisitor’s Quiz is:

Show Me A Christmas Present Google Can’t Find.

OK, we are no Einstein, and to be honest, we have no answer to this quiz.

But God knows, there must be someone out there, who knows better. Maybe we should do a Google search? What do you think? We are typing right now.

Google, here we come…

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2 responses to “Show Me A Christmas Present Google Can’t Find

  1. I know something that Google can’t find: A real, working TARDIS 🙂

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