Christmas Carol Puzzle – Reveal

Christmas gift, christmas present, santa claus, christmas carols, christmas puzzles

Hi, there. It is getting late and we haven’t done this week’s Time To Reveal yet.

Last week, we asked:

How many Christmas Gifts will the lucky person in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” carol get?

Have you figured out? Well, a week has passed and we have to get our mathematics right. So without further ado, here is the answer:

The lucky person in ‘The twelve days of Christmas’ carol will get 364 presents!

364 presents? Is that lucky or what? Where is he going to put all these Christmas presents? He definitely needs a warehouse for these. Good for the economy. We should do this more often. We won’t have a recession if it is Christmas everyday in his house. 😀

How many Christmas presents do you wish to get this year? Hurry up, rent that warehouse before we get in. We are renting ours tomorrow…

Meanwhile, keep those Christmas presents rolling in, we love Christmas presents!

Good night and sweet dreams.
Love from D

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