Pool side fun

fun in swimming pool, swimming pool fun, swim

One of the best things about living in a tropical weather is we get to swim every day. Pool side fun, such a lovely pastime. We can swim anytime during the day. Take a swim in the morning, or early afternoon, even after dinner. There is no rules. Whenever we feel like to swim, we dip in and let the pool side fun begin.

Locals actually get more fun. The Indonesia kids get to swim in natural ponds. Remember the Field Trip In Bogor? Well, this was what the local kids were doing after school. They swam in a local pond and obviously they had lots of fun doing this.

swim in local pond, Bandung, Indonesia, school kids swim

For us, we are contend to just swim in our swimming pool. We love our swimming pool. It is so beautiful, sparkling and dreamy at times.

swimming pool flower, frangipani, indonesia flower in swimming pool

Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong and we cannot swim for a while.

Like a few weeks ago. Look at our pool, or was it a pond? The pool was all green and murky. It was a painful few days, as swimming is really part of our lives in a city like Jakarta.

pool dirty, swimming pool maintanance

Story was that somehow the pool maintenance company changed some workers and the new pool man came to our house wasn’t doing the same thing as the previous pool man. No wonder we were thinking why the pool man looked different the other day.

Of course, it was a new pool man!

Anyways, after a few days and some chemical balance, our pool is now sparkling again. Great to go back and take a few swims. How can we live without you, our dearest pool?

And yes, let the pool side fun begin.


12 responses to “Pool side fun

  1. Love the shot of the plumeria floating in the pool.

    • It is a nice picture. The girls are having so much fun in the swimming pool. Good thing about living in Jakarta is we get to swim everyday. Bad thing is it is always hot. Now that the raining season is here, sometimes when it rains, it actually gets a bit cooler. Locals can tell the difference, because they put on jumpers when it rains and temperature drops a tiny little bit. They are kind of very sensitive to cold.

  2. Enjoy swimming for all of us here in the cold North…lol!

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Wow, I am enjoying the change of scenery from the crisp Autumn temps in France. Pretty plumeria and a great action shot of a lass splashing about. 🙂

    Come over my blog anytime and cheers to you!

  4. I like your picture of Pool side fun!!!

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