DIY Christmas Ornaments – Christmas Wreath

DIY Christmas ornament, diy christmas wreath, diy door wreath

We fell in love with this Christmas wreath as soon as we see it.We have to have this Christmas wreath in the D house. Good thing is, this is a DIY Christmas wreath. Yes, we can actually make this wreath ourselves.

When looking for inspiration for this year’s Christmas ornaments, we stumbled upon this little gem – a Christmas Wreath. Not an ordinary Christmas wreath that you can buy from any shops. We wouldn’t like that. This is a DIY Christmas book wreath.

This Christmas book wreath is unique, beautiful, elegant and gives a modern feeling at the same time. We love books in the D house and a book wreath for Christmas? That is heavenly.

DIY Christmas ornament, diy christmas wreath, diy door wreath

This Christmas book wreath is easy to make and doesn’t cost a thing if you are a bookworm like us. Simply get ONE old, used book that we don’t need anymore. Plus a hot glue gun and a piece of cardboard (we get ours from a cardboard box).

1. Cut the cardboard into a round ring

Any size that fits the place where you are going to put the wreath. Be careful, the actual Christmas book wreath will turn out much larger than the cardboard ring.

2. Fold the pages one at a time into a cone shape.

3. Stick the folded pages onto the cardboard, starting from the outer layers. ( 4 – 5 layers is good)

And there, we are done. A fabulous, elegant, wonderful Christmas book wreath.

The best thing about this Christmas book wreath? This book wreath can be very, very versatile. It can be colourful, or all white. It can be of different texture and feel. All depending on the books, or magazines we are using.

Why not try it yourself? How about a colourful Christmas book wreath? Use up all the magazines from the past year and make them into a lovely DIY Christmas ornament. Give them a new life and let people appreciate their beauty and charm once more.

To see all of our beautiful Christmas Ornaments, go to our Christmas Ornaments page here. You will love them. Christmas ornaments, christmas recipes, Christmas Carols, Christmas fashion…anything we love this Christmas will be there. We sure love Christmas.

Photo credits: sugarbeecrafts

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21 responses to “DIY Christmas Ornaments – Christmas Wreath

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  8. Beautiful! What a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing!

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  10. Ooo! I love the wreath!
    Thanks for stopping by my Post today!

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  12. What a fabulous wreath. Thanks for sharing and thanks for “liking” my post.

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