How To Rank No. 1 On Google?

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Show Me A Christmas Present Google Can’t Find – Reveal

Good morning, dear readers. How are you this morning?

Every since we started our MidNightVisitor’s blog, we were fascinated by Google. So many strangers were visiting our blog thanks to Google. Naturally, we want to know: How to rank No. 1 on Google?

We are hard working people and full of curiosity too. We did our own research. We type in lots of search terms in Google to see how we fare:

1. midnightvisitor jakarta or midnightvisitor blog

Not surprisingly, we ranked No. 1 on Google search. In fact, the top 6 posts all belong to Midnightvisitor. Holy cow! OK, now we know that we are truly famous in this universe, at least in Jakarta or in the blog sphere, that is.

If you ever think about opening a franchise of night clubs in Jakarta, you know whose door you should be knocking.

2. christmas dress jakarta

We are fashion oriented people and we love Christmas. Again, we ranked No. 1 on Google search on this one (other than the paid advertisement, of course).

Now we are talking. We made a plaque to make Christmas dress our specialty as soon as we saw this result. Come on girls, let’s doing some Christmas shopping together. That’s a whole lot of fun.

3. jakarta christmas carols

Christmas again. This time it is our magical Christmas Carols. We love Christmas carols. And Google sure knows that. We ranked on the Google search first page again. Not ranked as No. 1 but we have two, no we have three entries on the Google first page. We are sure happy about that. Singing is our specialty as well, do you remember?

4. jakarta itinerary 3 days

Want to travel a bit in Jakarta? Well, search for ‘jakarta itinerary 3 days’ and you will find MidnightVisitor again, on Google first page ranked as: No. 5. We are so proud. We need to negotiate with Jakarta tourism bureau straight away because they should brand us the Tourism Ambassador to Jakarta. No doubt about that!

Sadly, we are a bit too ambitious, if you minus the ‘3 days’ in your Google search, you won’t find us anymore. But, hey, on second look, we are still on Google search second page. In fact, all of the three Jakarta itineraries we have written are all there. Google sure loves us dearly. We couldn’t be more happier. What do you think?

By the way, do you know anyone from Jakarta tourism bureau? Maybe a nice suggestion of naming us the Jakarta Tourism Ambassador of the Year should be in order? Come on, there are still time left for 2012. We wouldn’t mind to be the Ambassador for 2013 either. Just spread the words, will you?

5. Wine and candles

Ummm……… love this one, in true Christmas spirit. We sure know how to have a great time in the Midnight’s house. But on second thought, in reality, actually we have hardly written anything about wine or candles. Don’t get us wrong. We love our wine and candles. But we are also family oriented and don’t want to spoil our public images like that. Now that we are famous, we have to keep up the good images.

However, Google comes to the rescue. Google sure knows us by now and in fact Google loves us, and we are ranked on Google first page again! Geee, how did this happen? Still puzzles us to this day.

OK, be careful when you read the search results. It is the second entry on Google search, with 4 beautiful pictures of wine and candles. There we are, the third picture belongs to us. We are truly honored and are very, very proud of ourselves! Well done, Midnight!

So this Christmas, 2012, we don’t need your money, nor your love. We are not money oriented people. We don’t care much about the former so long as we have our fare share from our hard labour. And love, oh boy, we have plenty of love right here in the Midnight’s house. We are pretty contended with the love we already have.

For this Christmas, 2012, our wish is for you to type in Google, and search any of the terms above. See how your results are. Are they any different from ours? Give those fingers a little exercise, type in those magical words now.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God bless.

Oh, and for the Reveal, honestly, we don’t have an answer. By now, we are totally, madly in love with Google. We think Google is the one and only. There is nothing Google cannot find.

And just for the record, if you say anything otherwise, you won’t be our friends any more. We will cut off our phone lines, or messaging, or any possible social media network from you. We don’t want to know you unless you are madly in love with Google. Like us.

See you next week, until then, keep those fingers exercising and keep on Googling. 😀

Love from the Midnight’s House. 2012 one month prior to Christmas.

Disclaimer: We do not know anyone from Google. Nor did we receive any monetary incentive from Google for this article. Use Google at your very own risk.

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  1. Your blog looks amazing. I am now ‘following’ it. And thanks for visiting mine. 🙂

  2. midnight visitor jakarta pulls you rights up for me! Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post!

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