Red Bean Restaurant – Indonesia Restaurant

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We have found a new restaurant in Jakarta – The Red Bean Restaurant recently. You might like the Red Bean Restaurant.

Well, technically, Red Bean Restaurant is not a new restaurant. We have seen its branches in many shopping malls in Jakarta. Just we haven’t tried this particular Red Bean Restaurant before.

The Red Bean Restaurant we go to is in Poins Square, a locally shopping mall in south Jakarta. It is not a very fancy shopping mall so to speak and is always crowded.

But the good thing about this Red Bean Restaurant is it was newly opened last year, and is quite bright, clean and modem. It is located on the top floor of the Poins Square shopping mall and has less customers. Lucky for us as we always try to avoid  crowded places. Indonesia is the 4th most populated country in the world. Crowd avoiding is an art here. 😀

red bean restaurant, jakarta

Banner at the entrance of Red Bean Restaurant. They serve Oriental / Fusion dishes.

red bean restaurant jakarta, restaurant jakarta

Nice ambiance. No smoking is what we like when we go out with Miss D. Quite family (kids) friendly, don’t you think?

red bean restaurant, jakarta; inside the red bean restaurant

Customers are mostly local Indonesians and families. So many babies in this photo, but it didn’t feel very noisy that day. Not at all. Something to do with the ambiance?The lights and walls might have a magical calming factor on the babies?

Food served is fast, and prices are very reasonable, within reach of the local people.

red bean restaurant jakarta, must eat jakarta

Wall features. A lot more similar ones on the walls. Nice touch.

These are what we ordered:

Chicken Red Bean Restaurant, Jakarta

Guong Bao Ayam (Chinese Sichuan style chilli chicken)

IDR 38,500 (1 USD = IDR 9,600)

fried prawn, red bean restaurant, jakarta

Udang goreng mayonnaise (Fried prawn with mayonnaise)

IDR 43,900 (1 USD = IDR 9,600)

mixed vegetable, stir fried vegetable, red bean restaurant, jakarta

Cap Cap – Mixed veggetables

IDR 28,500 ( 1USD = IDR 9,600)

Mapo Tahu Red Bean Jakarta, Mapo Tofu, restaurant jakarta

Mapo Tahu ( Tofu in chilli sauce)

IDR 35,900 ( 1 USD = IDR 9,600)

Red Bean Restaurant Jakarta

Pocai Cah Bawang Putih (Stir Fried Veggie with garlic)

IDR 26,900 ( 1 USD = IDR 9,600)

drink, juice, red bean restaurant, jakarta, restaurant jakarta

Deep purple cranberry juice

IDR 19,900 ( 1 USD = IDR 9,600)

drink, red bean restaurant, jakarta

Ice Lemon Tea

Easiest drink to order. Served in all Indonesia restaurants. When we run out of ideas to order drinks, we just order the good, old Ice Lemon Tea. Can’t go wrong most of the time.

Location of the Red Bean Restaurant we went to:

Red Bean Restaurant

Poins Square, Lt 1

Jakarta Selatan

Tel: 75921199


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