Christmas Ornament

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In true spirit of celebrating this year’s Christmas, we are starting a new project in the D house: the grand Christmas Ornament project.

  • Enter your web link (or your friend’s web link, or any link you like) for anything about Christmas: a craft, DIY, decor, fashion, recipe, tutorials via the comment button
  • A follow on Midnight’s blog is appreciated
  • A mention of our Christmas Ornament project on your site anywhere will be fine (use the Logo we designed) or link on your post
  • Be friendly and visit a few other blogs, you might find inspirations there.
  • Tweet your entry & let your Facebook friends know

Every week, we will pick one Christmas Ornament entry we like, and feature it on the Midnight’s blog here. Yes, the judgement is final and we have the say on which one to pick.

Unless, of course, you get lots of votes your way to say that you are the best Christmas Ornament for that week. Power to the people, or your family, children, friends, workmates, pets, passers-by, rein-deers and maybe even Santa Claus himself. 😀

Logo for our Christmas Ornament project is here:

christmas ornament logo

Come and grab the Logo now, and send your Christmas Ornaments our way. Your effort won’t be wasted. Your Christmas entry will be shared on our Christmas Page, with a nice picture from your blog and a link to the post you shared. Take a look now, there are already some great Christmas Ornaments there.

Sounds like fun? Why not submit your post now? It’s only one click away and the community will remember your contribution to this year’s Christmas and beyond.

Who knows, Santa might even pay you a visit for the good deed you have done. Worst case, anyone who enter will also receive a Christmas card from the Ds. And that’s a promise!

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6 responses to “Christmas Ornament

  1. We’re celebrating the holidays here. It’s quite exciting to celebrate Christmas and see all the decors out and fully supported by the world’s largest Moslem population.


    • We love Christmas, and any other excuses for having a bit of fun. Glad Jakarta has so many places that have Christmas decors already. We’ll be away for the holidays though. Have a nice Christmas.

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