Christmas Celebration – When Shall We Start?

Dear readers, how are you today?

A blue sky day eventually turns into a stormy day, again.

There are just so much rain here in Jakarta at the moment. Every day, 3 o’clock on the dot, it starts to rain.

Just a quick note for this week’s MidnightVisitor Quiz. Since we have started celebrating Christmas early this year, we want to know if that’s OK.

Anyone out there actually enjoys celebrating Christmas as early as possible, like us? Or, you just hate to mention Christmas. Not that you don’t like Christmas, but that it might just be a bit too early. It is not even December yet, some would think.

So this week’s MidnightVisitor Quiz is a survey.

Have fun.

P.S. We won’t close this survey until 25th Dec, 2012.


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