Jakarta Snapshot Through D’s Camera – Who Is The Boss

jakarta boss

Went to the Jakarta Immigration Office today to sort out the visa for the family. The Jakarta Immigration Office has moved to Kemang which is quite far from where we live.

We raised early this morning to make this important trip and boy it took 1 and 1/2 hours just to get there. Funny thing is, guess how long it took to come back? Half an hour!

Tells you a lot about Jakarta traffic, doesn’t it?

The trip was less boring thanks to the D’s camera. We got chances to be stopped in the traffic, and snap away! Well, it was a lot of fun in the beginning, but it petered out after this looonnnng trip. Miss D almost felt car sick at the end of the trip.

What we do to earn a living in this city.

Price to pay, friends.

Price to pay…

Anyways, we had some great shots, and the weather was on our side as well. Blue skies and white clouds. What a change from the crazy stormy weather yesterday.

jakarta blue sky, jakata coconut tree

Love today’s Jakarta blue sky, not the ugly power lines though. Coconut tree is forever a street scene here in Jakarta.

So beautiful.

jakarta unique house decoration

Miss D was fascinated by this house. Look at the rooftop. Was it telling us a story?

Better be a good one.

The trip had just started, and we have 1 and 1/2 hours to go. (although we didn’t know at this stage, lucky or not?)

jakarta man with stall

How about some breakfast before we get started? It is a long trip after all.

And our very first man in action. This is what Jakarta’s breakfast shop look like. They only appear in the Jakarta streets in the morning or late afternoon. Maybe it’s just too hot during the day?

jakarta bus

Now that our tummies happy. We need to get going.

How about a bus trip?

It is crowded but it gets you to places. Besides, the service is superb. We will stop right in the middle of the famous Jakarta traffic, just for you.

Forget about bus stops, or traffic lights. Raise your hand now, that’s what locals do. And we will stop the traffic, no kidding, alright? RP 3,000 please, that will get you anywhere in Jakarta ( 1 USD = RP 9,600).

jakarta traffic becak

Don’t like the bus? How about a taxi? Our very own version of Jakarta taxi, that is. Look at them, the becaks. So flashy and bright. They get Jakarta very polluted as well.

jakarta motorist man delivery, jakarta traffic

The conventional way to get to work is, of course, by motorbikes. And guys, you already are late. See the delivery man? This is his 3rd round this morning.

Early birds get worms.

jakarta street stall, jakarta man at work

A very relaxing seller amid the whole traffic chaos. How can he be so calm?

jakarta graffiti man

Love this wall. Great graffiti! And another man in action.

Where are you going, mate?

jakarta blind begger

A blind beggar, yet smiling. Must be because of the good weather.

No rain, no pain.

jakarta motorist with snack

And just when we start to think we know Jakarta traffic by now.

What is this thing?

Snacks galore, on a motorbike?

Call Circus De Soliel now. This man is who they need. How good is that balancing act? Definitely has taken the whole jiggling action into another level.

Truly amazing.

jakarta rubbish dump

Yet another amazing scene to show you. The famous garbage dumps of Jakarta. What legends are made of. True Jakarta style.

Haven’t seen anything like this before. Honest.

jakarta vote

But we ain’t seen no boss yet, mama?

Where do you think we live, son?

The moon?

It’s Jakarta we’re talking about.  Bosses are faceless man, anonymous.

OK, let’s show you some politicians. They’re bosses, too. And if you vote for us, we will throw in a good, old massage, just for you.

jakarta fancy shoes for man

We can’t show you any bosses. Sorry about that. To make it up to you, let’s show you one secret, OK?

Do you know why the bosses in Jakarta are so powerful? Well, obviously, they get help from a secret weapon.

Look at these shoes, they’ll empower any man, anytime. ‘Take you to any place you wanna be’, literally.

Seven centimeters? What?! They must be kidding! We went straight to our doctors after we seen this.

No, there is nothing wrong with our feet, or legs. We did check our eyes though. Some things are just too good to be true.

Remember: buy some shoes next time you are in Jakarta. They will ‘take you to the place you wanna be’, any place, hopefully. And shhhhh … don’t tell your bosses. That’ll get them very upset. 😀


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