Side Project: 3 easy holiday decorations

We have a huge pine tree in our garden back in Sydney. We use to collect pine cones and make them into Christmas ornaments. We paint the pine cones into silver or golden colours,  and they look magnificent.

Seems people do like pine cones for their Christmas decorations. We love this Christmas centerpiece from nowwhatstheplan. Hope you like it, too.

christmas pine cone and candle centrepiece

Side Project: 3 easy holiday decorations.

This Christmas center piece is featured in our grand Christmas Ornaments collection. Too see all our grand Christmas Ornaments collections, click here. There are so many brilliant Christmas ideas on our Christmas Ornaments page, you definitely should check it out. You’ll be delighted.

From Christmas wreath, Christmas ornaments; reindeers, angles; to Christmas fashion, Christmas recipes. There are so many goodies. Even better, you can add your very own Christmas favorites there. Simply send us a message via the comment button. If we like what we see, we will include it on our Christmas Ornament page. How good is that!

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5 responses to “Side Project: 3 easy holiday decorations

  1. Beautiful. Looks great. Love that you are using real candles. Elizabeth

    • Hi, Elizabeth, real candles are a must this Christmas for us. How about you? Candles and wine, that’s our thing…have a lovely day, and enjoy Christmas. xoxoxo, Midnightvisitor.

  2. Lovely,and ingredients are readily available. Will try it.I like that it is long and narrow and not too high.

    • Hi, Stella, this Christmas centerpiece is so warm and welcoming and a bit different from the normal Christmas centerpiece as you said, we love it. Glad you enjoyed it, too. If you have any favorite Christmas ornaments, do send our way, we enjoy all the good things about Christmas. LOL.

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