Miss D’s Christmas Wish

horse riding royal east show sydney australia

Miss D adores horses, ever since she was little. Her favorite Sydney Royal East Show activity was horse ridding.

A typical conversation prior to Christmas in the D house was like this:

‘What Christmas present do you want this year, honey?’

‘A horsy!’ Miss D would always reply.

She was OK not to have a Nintendo, a WII; her favorite chocolates, even her beloved Joke books.Occasionally, she might be satisfied with a chicken. But, what she really, really wanted was a horse.

Every year.

Ever since she was little.

chook washing Sydney Royal Easter show

What was Miss D staring at? Any ideas?

chook wash Sydney royal easter show

A chicken! And don’t get it wrong. This was no ordinary chicken. This chicken had just received a royal bath, and now was enjoying her massage. Sydney Royal Easter Show, the best times we had back then. All those lovely years. Now you know why we started our chicken business in the D house. The root was planted right here. 😀

OK, back to our topic. Miss D’s horse obsession is a puzzle to us. We have never run a horse business in the D family, not even our great-grandparents; nor have we ever lived in the Australia outback where horses run wild. We are city animals, by default. But horses are Miss D’s forever dream. She was enchanted by those beautiful, magnificent animals.

Coming one Christmas season, we were in Toy’s R Us. It was one lucky day for Miss D because we saw this huge toy horse. It was beautiful, and we had to buy it, right that moment.

That year, Miss D was five and that Christmas she was the happiest five years old girl in the world. Her dream had come true.

Years have gone by quickly, Miss D is twelve now but her love for horses never diminishes. Quite the opposite, her dream is actually getting bigger. She is no longer satisfied with her toy horse. She really, really wanted a real horse. On a farm, in a real horse stable, where she can look after him, and ride him in the morning glory.

By now, you would know where our money would be, if we ever won the Lotto. Wouldn’t you?

Of course, we will buy a horse stable in the Australia outback and start our horse business straight away. No doubt about that.

Such will be a perfect, fairytale ending to Miss D’s forever Christmas wish.

Until then, Miss D will be happy just to scratch her favourite horses on a piece of paper like this:

horse, green grass and blue skies

or this:

horse, horse carrige and ancient warrior with arch and arrow

Do you have a Christmas wish that you want to fulfill ever since your childhood? How about having a horse for a change?


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