An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse – 31 Days In Jakarta

We have just published our eBook cover for our ‘A piece of Jakarta – 31 Days In Jakarta’ yesterday. And then we found out this week all the bloggers are writing about ‘An offer I couldn’t refuse’!

Amazing. God send. Just the offer we need for our brand new eBook!

We love you, and thank you, God (aka the publishers at wordpress :D). You must have heard our prayers for reaching out our eBook to a wider audience, have you?

So here goes our ten minute:

Our eBook ‘A piece of Jakarta’ is due out next month, right before Christmas. This is our gift and souvenir for everyone who loves Jakarta, the city we are currently living in.

You can read our daily lives in Jakarta, our happiness and occasional frustration. Check out the itineraries, recipes, restaurants in Jakarta and Indonesia. We have plenty information there. Interested? Check out our draft content page for the eBook here.

How about a bit of exotic life sound? Life in Jakarta is different, exotic to a certain extend for sure. It surprises us every now and then, it will certainly amaze you. Please come and read our eBook. It is free and full of fun.

OK, thank you for your topic for this week. Hope you enjoyed our take on this one. A great 10 minutes we have had. Happy reading.


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