Santa Claus and Snowflakes

For this week’s MidnightVisitor quiz, we will have an easy one. Since it is so easy, we figure, we should have two quiz, instead of only one.

Two easy quiz = One normal quiz

Do you agree? We are proud that we are really good at Mathematics!

Here are the two easy quiz for this week:

1. Where does Santa Claus live: Green Land, Scotland, Iceland, or Lap land?

2. How many points does a snow flake have? 5, 6, 8, or 9?

It should take you 5 seconds to answer and your time starts now.


Photo credit: flicker thecolorofair

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9 responses to “Santa Claus and Snowflakes

  1. Ohhh. you are a funny one….hahha.!! I like it.

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