Jakarta snapshots through D’s Camera – Who is coming to town this Christmas?

We all know our Jingle Bells by now. Guess who is coming to town this Christmas? The town, of course, is our beloved Jakarta!

We have prepared a nice roadshow for you on another topic this week for D’s Camera. But our plan is not relevant any more as soon as we see this:

Yep. Obviously, this Christmas Hello Kitty is coming to town, and we’ll paint the city red PINK?

Not happy? Nor is our snowman here. Snowman and Hello Kitty? An innovation idea. Does it work?

Look at the snowman’s face, hint, hint, hint…

To make this Christmas the best ever in Jakarta, the marketing team has worked hard and even throw in a few goodies for us. How about a lucky dip by our very own reindeer? That would cheer us up in no time.

Or how about all the other relevant cartoon characters we like? We have the most popular ones here.

Alas, although we looked very hard, we couldn’t find Santa Claus in this fairytale land. Soz, nothing we can do.

Maybe we should ask those marketing people at the back stage? See, they are still busy planning. There’s still time till the big day, right?

Actually we admire this Christmas fairytale castle so much, we have even dug out some news for you. Curious to know who is the boss of this fairytale land of Hello Kitties?

We waited, waited and waited. Well, our effort didn’t wasted, here comes the BOSS (music and drum rolls here…)

Well out of this group of impressive marketing genius, guess who is the boss?

You’re right.

The Lady.

It has to be her. Now we understand — errr the PINK.

So what is NEXT? We’re a bit disoriented after all these pink. Haven’t see this much pink since Miss D was 5.

Gosh, time flies by so quickly!

How about a bit black and white? Our eyes need some rest after all these hello kitty…

This is more like our style. Feel better now? How about a bit more color, like RED? After all it is Christmas season we are in. Be sensible.

What? This is not sensible enough for you? Are you a 5 years old?

OK, OK, admittedly it’s a bit crazy. Christmas underwear? Not allowed here. After all this is a family blog. We want to set good examples for our kids, don’t we?

How about bring in some real Christmas magic? For that, we give you the magical moment! (with a price tag of RP32499.000, you will need to work out how much it is by yourself, you’re on your own on this one :D)

And just for our record, please don’t get Jakarta wrong. We have plenty Santa Claus here. We haven’t got the chance to show you any only because we are a bit dazzled by all the Hello Kitties we saw today. That’s all.

To end today’s show on a high note, we present you our very own Jakarta Santa Claus:

Umm… he looks pretty normal to us, just like any other Santa Claus you would have seen in any other cities around the world, what do you think?

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6 responses to “Jakarta snapshots through D’s Camera – Who is coming to town this Christmas?

  1. Speaking of Hello Kitty… yesterday, I went looking for a small boys shirt that was “festive.” Every store I went to had plenty of cute girl shirts but all the little boy ones were Christmas Angry Birds. Not one was a good ole Santa, reindeer or elf.

    🙂 Naia.

  2. Hallo Kitty has always annoyed me, I don’t know why really.

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