Turtle Neck and Hoodies – What we bought this month

hoodies and tops for winter American Eagle

Hi, happy Friday, dear readers,

Can’t believe it is the last day of Nov, and we are only 25 days away from Christmas. Are you excited?

We have a big trip to make to the winter land (actually Miss D will have to make two trips as she will go with her Honours choir to China in early Feb next year). Since we live in sunny hot Jakarta, you wouldn’t expect us to have any winter clothing, would you?

Actually, we do have a few winter items that we can wear. Shows how good a planner Mrs. D is, she just knew that we would need them on a rainy winter’s day.

Well, our winter clothes are still not quite enough, and it is always fun to shop for more anyway. So here’s what we bought for our trip:

A pale white coloured hoodie by Junk Food. On sale for USD 40, down from USD 80.

A grey hoodie by Aerie for American Eagle. USD 49.99.

A grey turtle neck long sleeve top . On sale for USD 19,99, down from USD 39.99.

Pretty boring, right?

Ambitious as we are, we dress in a conventional way. Especially for winter clothes, we stick to our grey, beige, black, brown. You know, the safe colours.

But every story has its twist, a bit of a complication, a bait, that keeps the readers coming back…

Well, is this a writer’s 101 post? It sure sounds like one now. 😀

So our twist is like this:


Actually, it is Friday and we have a dinner party to attend tonight. Soz, no time to finish the writing. Can you come back tomorrow?

We will finish whatever is needed tomorrow, if we get over our hung over, that is. Promise. (seriously, this is NOT the twist, OK. The twist is due out tomorrow!)

Good night, and see you soon.

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